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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why Pakistani Bloggers Should Not Use WordPress Nulled Themes

Why Pakistani Bloggers Should Not Use WordPress Nulled Themes
Why Pakistani Bloggers Should Not Use WordPress Nulled Themes

It is not so easy to compare cameras together. Mobiles are often equipped with different objectives from one generation to another, complicating the task. As part of this comparison, the S7 as the S6 embark Sony sensors (respectively IMX IMX 260 and 240). Let's take a first look at the characteristics of the two objectives sheet. These figures, along with dual pixel technology, show that the Galaxy S7 should be more powerful theory in all light conditions. The phone should also be able to focus more efficiently, and process image pixels to improve the final result. In addition, the software of the two devices is substantially identical. No new features will propose a radical change, and the manual mode is very similar on both models. Under favorable conditions, the Galaxy S7 provides better results Note: The majority of the images shown in this comparison were taken in automatic mode and maximum resolution. The Galaxy S7 uses a 4: 3, against 16: 9 for the S6. In addition, the image size was reduced to the publication of the article.

It is interesting to start using the camera of Galaxy S6 a year after its release. Despite the impressive number of mobile market since the S6, few can rival the quality of his photographs. The Samsung smartphone uses effectively autofocus, auto mode often manages to clear shots, and the color reproduction is faithful enough. However, by comparing pictures taken in the same situations, the Galaxy S7 manages to give more solid images with better color representation and a better job on the light. Both images were taken in automatic mode with autofocus. I made some attempts with the Galaxy S6 to get a similar trip to the S7, and it gave better results. The light is better captured by the latest model from Samsung, and the details of the bell are much better represented. The accuracy of the new Galaxy S7 is especially true macros, or most of the items appear well captured by the lens. By zooming in on the images, one can see how the filaments of the plant are better visible on the S7.

In the case of the front camera, two sensors take images at a maximum resolution of 5 megapixels. The aperture of the Galaxy S7 objective is however increased to f / 1.7. To try to compensate for their limitations before the cameras of smartphones tend to give our skin a little natural grain. This is a common difficulty a majority of mobile, except for models that offer improved specifically on this point. In the case of Samsung Galaxy S7, the front camera is the skin of a more natural way than its predecessor, with an aspect "wax doll" less pronounced.

Night photos, the selling point of the Samsung Galaxy S7 It is in low light conditions as the S7 edge reveals its potential. With its improved technical features, the new flagship mobile Korean manufacturer should be able to make realistic pictures when there is little light. The above scenario does not represent a big challenge for a smartphone camera. However, the S7 manages to avoid overexposing the lamppost right. Here is what the phone usually done in this case: individually address different elements of the image and focus on the most important parts of the composition.

It quite unrealistic to expect great results for taking night shots with a smartphone. And automatic mode S7 is often insufficient, but it works better than the previous model. final verdict Use the camera of the S6 a year after its release is an interesting experience, which reminds us that Samsung Mobile has been one of the best models of the past year. But a direct comparison with the Galaxy S7 shows that it manages to surpass its predecessor. The S7 is better in almost all areas, largely through technology Dual Pixel and improved openness index. This is not the perfect camera, but it is undoubtedly one of the best in the market. You can see all the pictures in high quality on Google+. Do you think the camera of the Galaxy S7 represents a major change from the previous model? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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