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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Use This Software For Great Picture Effects and Editing

Use This Software For Great Picture Effects and Editing
Use This Software For Great Picture Effects and Editing

I moved last month to a new apartment, and I had to change internet service provider. I did some research on my smartphone to find the best company. I compared the price, the services offered by each supplier, and I realized that I had never really paid attention to my internet bill. I simply pay every month, such as water and electricity. Before I went to a supplier, I kinda thought. What would happen if I decided not to choose? If I expected the following month to see if I really needed? It was a terrifying thought. My data plan was likely to take a hit. I thought about all the times I had problems with my ISP to the internet. It happens to us all. They do not come when they had made an appointment, they give technical advice to side of the plate, their prices are outrageous and you do not really have a choice. To avoid future disappointments, I rested my smartphone and I have not called the company. My months without internet at home had begun.

Do not have internet at home makes you appreciate all the more the data plan for your smartphone. You will have to think twice before downloading anything or watch a clip a friend sent you. Each megabyte account. When I needed to download an update or something a bit larger, I found a public WiFi. Fortunately, our WiFi at AndroidPIT is excellent. But when I was not at work, I went more than usual in bars and cafes. I was bringing my laptop to see my favorite series. I felt free not depend on an Internet service provider, with a view to save the price of the subscription at the end of the month. But this freedom has a cost. I found it impossible to consider such online gambling. This simple renunciation me, more than once, almost change my mind.

The month that I had given myself coming to an end, and I began again to look at the offers of internet companies. I did not have the impression of having lived a defeat, but rather an illumination. Certainly, I would be again dependent on an abusive service provider. But I learned something: it is possible to do without internet at home. The solution could be to opt for an unlimited data plan. Or use free WiFi hotspots in order to download your movies and shows to watch later, at home. Overall, I am pleased to have recovered internet. Just do not have to realize how much we miss him! It is possible to do without the Internet, but I am happy not to have to. Could you live without internet at home? Please let us know in the comments.

During the time I spent with the S7 edge, I realized that it is simply a Samsung again, but with a spectacular design. This is the smartphone that everyone watching, including your friends say "it is beautiful", etc ... But, ultimately, it is mainly the mobile camera that has caught my attention. This is what is most striking about the S7 edge. Not only for its ultra-fast focus, but because the S7's camera is capable of taking amazing pictures in any light condition. Take a look at our series of night photos taken in Japan to convince you! Most of these photos were taken in automatic mode HDR, and I barely needed to use the manual mode, even at night. It is true that the yellow color is sometimes a little too present in night photos, but it remains marginal.

Note that I often had problems with the button on the camera, which sometimes stop working. It was then necessary to turn the screen off and on again to correct the problem. The return of TouchWiz Here is my personal opinion: I cannot stand TouchWiz. I do not change in the internal menus. These icons are so ugly that I even prefer them FlyMe Meizu. And to find a decent theme on the Samsung store, you need to look far enough. That's why my divorce was inevitable with Samsung It's the same problem for Huawei P9 More: How a beautiful phone it may be a software overlay as ugly? The designers of TouchWiz does not they know that beauty is inside? TouchWiz is more fluid than in the past, but Samsung's interface is very ugly.

We must consider the fact that I had a S7 edge provided by Samsung. It was perhaps not as polished as the models offered for sale. But even so, the smartphone has sometimes experienced slowdowns, especially with the HDR mode of the camera, which sometimes remained blocked. Some apps sometimes took a while to start from multitasking, but nothing alarming. When I went on holiday with the S7, I usually manage to 15% of battery at the end of the day. I made extensive use of the smartphone, including the camera, but I did not use the data connection. Then a spirit dropped my smartphone on the floor. The result, a Swarovski design the most beautiful effect. Returning home, I had almost the same lifetime by activating the data. The phone finished about 10% after 24 hours.

Not bad, even if ultimately we have to charge the phone at the end of the day. If you are of those who use WhatsApp and not much else, do not bother to spend 800 euros in an S7 edge. However, you probably can use for 48 hours. I was in Kyoto, currently visiting the temple Fushimi Inari (the 1000 red doors). Then a spirit dropped my smartphone on the floor. The result, a Swarovski design look great, as you can see on the photo. It hurts. My Xperia Z3 dropped from the same height a number of times, and he has not a scratch. Admittedly, I'm clumsy and I would have done better to opt for a Moto X Force, but that does not prevent the S7 is more fragile than other non-curved smartphones.

The curved screen and the absence of side edges that are smartphone fall can quickly destroy the screen. The above photo is difficult to really appreciate, but the smartphone has taken a hit in the lower left corner. That was enough to remove all the Gorilla Glass 4 as a mosaic. Note that the smartphone was still perfectly usable.


I'm not the type to carrying around a smartphone to 800 € in the pocket. I prefer a model terrain, and I will not spend my time worrying about. It's a matter of personality, for me, a smartphone is not a question of social status, and this is a bit like that gives the S7 edge. I prefer a normal S7, stronger and with the same features for a lower price. But if you are rich, careful and you love what is beautiful, then the S7 edge is ideal for you!

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