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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Future Of Micromax Mobiles India and Qmobile Pakistan

The Future Of Micromax Mobiles India and Qmobile Pakistan
The Future Of Micromax Mobiles India and Qmobile Pakistan

Having already conducted tests of Zenfone 2 and Zenfone selfie I think I have gained some knowledge vis-à-vis branded products installed on Android. For less than 250 euros, I was pleasantly surprised and find that the manufacturer had yet climbed range. While we are still in front of plastic made products, but its textures, shapes and design truly give it the appearance of a high standard. If I knew nothing, I could really believe it's a high-end. But its performance, which limit the use to a "very office," we often recall that we are before an entry level product. That said, the product we offer Asus today advances as the rival MVP Honor 5X. Is it both?

Hard to say, but we will bring them very soon to compete in a comparison test. At the first touch and even after, my first comment concerns its weight in hand - just over 200 grams - which will take some time to accommodate it. Putting that aside, the Zenfone Max is pleasant to hold. The shapes are beautiful and even better than the Zenfone 2 that displays a more imposing frame. In addition to beautiful curves that naturally hug the hand, metallic edges that make up the context and texture of the casing of the Galaxy Note 4 sauce truly give it the appearance of a high standard.

Once again. It will nevertheless be careful to keep it, since it shows just as slippery as Zenfone 2. one hand, it is sometimes difficult to handle the smartphone, but a function precisely to reduce the size of the screen to have access to all the fingertips. If you want to perfectly handle it and avoid any risk of falls, try to use as often as possible with both hands whenever you can. To use, the touch screen also shows very pleasant to the touch. It glides like a skating rink. To give you an idea, my feelings on the slide would be between the Nexus 5 (a little less) and the Galaxy S5 (a little better). In addition to this, the responsiveness is good, but I did feel the Snapdragon's power limitations 410.

To speak of colors, they seem real, but quite dark, although the brightness of the screen was pushed to the maximum. If I were to give advice to Asus for the next software update, it might be good to look at the screen calibration for color will lighten a bit. After that, it is only an opinion. The concern is that too dark colors and a glossy reflections often invite outside.

    If you have very large hands, you will have no problem in handling the Zenfone Max with one hand

If you have very large hands, you will have no problem in handling the Zenfone Max one, while it will take some two to others. As I mentioned above, an option to make the smallest to use one-handed interface. To activate it, just have to go into the system settings to find them a menu called 'ZenMotion' in the sub-section on 'Device'. Following this, you should be able to see a function named 'Fashion hand'. After it is enabled, simply do a quick double-tapping the Home button (Home) to unlock the mode to a hand that can be resized at will and to a limited extent (by interacting with borders ) and moved (a simple long press on the upper part of the tab).

Based on Android 5.0.2, the Zenfone Max is always dressed in the same interface. Although it has a flat design (from the English "flat") which is intended in the times, we must not forget that the interface is now over two years old. Since its release, Asus has not really renewed, if only to add more applications. Finally, flood the brand application system only makes the system heavier, so I really advise you to make a selection for personal not to get overwhelmed and end up with an overloaded mobile things that are not not the most profitable end. In addition to Google applications installed (about a dozen), it is twenty other Asus applications installed extra.

Note that I am not saying that the applications of the Taiwanese brand is bad, but many. From there, the user can then view them as hostile. Familiar Interface ZenUI, I also noticed that developers and integrators had made efforts (by listening to community feedback?). I found that the number of pre-installed applications had simply fallen. Previously, it was close to forty Asus preinstalled applications. Now we have reached to 25.

Apart from all these applications; that provide alternatives to all those already present in the original, optimization Zenfone Max shows excellent with an almost fluid system at any time. Finally, if you limit yourself to a single use without playing large intensive games. I would also be curious to see how the mobile is doing / behaves with a Custom ROM CyanogenMod type or another. To be continued. In terms of updates, so do not expect the big track, since it is an entry level product. That said, Asus is more tenacious than some manufacturers in software tracking. Knowing this, it is not impossible that the Zenfone Max is entitled to two major updates to Android, seeing that the first has already been confirmed. Today installed under Lollipop (Android 5.0.2), the Zenfone Max leap over Android 5.1 Lollipop to land directly on Marshmallow (Android 6.0.1). N for Android, there is not yet, but it is also possible!

As I have already mentioned several times, excellent optimization Zenfone Max allows it to display some pretty solid performance in everything but when you shoot 3D. Apart from this, you will have no problem to run any Android application; Finally, if 'level of compatibility' also allows the. All that to say that casual games provide proper fluidity, but seek not excellence.

Discovered for the first time when testing the Moto E 2015, the Snapdragon 410 is a good solution for the entry level, but I still find less convincing than a Snapdragon 400. Again, 2GB RAM amply sufficient to maintain a good flow. About his behavior on wireless networks, it has everything a true nomad: conclusive stability calls, GPS is fixed quickly, and WiFi and Bluetooth do not have bugs.

If you want even better performance, you will have to prepare a half-hour to buckle down to customizing settings and functions, but also choose what application you want to keep or not. If you have a fast enough microSD card, you can also move it above your applications to free up space, but avoid an old SD card with a transfer rate of 2MB / second ... Why? In the end, this will only slow the system a little more. I recommend a 10 grade.

Starting with the speaker this back, it is a mono produces a very entry level sound quality. Enough to make calls, it will still make a cross over if you plan to listen to music or watch a movie. Once the headphones plugged, it is already much better, although the strength of the volume sometimes shows a little low with certain content. It would be good Asus looks at this point for the next planned update to Android Marshmallow (6.0.1), because I'm pretty sure that there are optimizations to do here.

For a mobile offered to less than 250 euros, the mobile photo sensors finally possible to enjoy a decent quality, but he will have to wait 2015/2016 to get there. To check this, I did some outdoor shots with a very cloudy, and the result finally shows very convincing with: That said, it really is possible to play with the settings for this level as much as possible, since we are dealing with a camera application with many customization elements (from the AOSP, which is none other than pure and open source version of Android Google devoid of all functions and applications). In some shots, discover the quality of photographs produced by the back camera 13 million pixels. It has an f / 2.0, which is 0.2 more than 0.3 LG G5 or more than S7 / edge. The speed of development and treatment of photography is very quick in its automatic mode (less than one second), where it will take one to two seconds of patience with more targeted settings.

At the holding on drums, Max Zenfone than 48 hours of battery life without flinching or 2 days and that, with a little heavy use. With less frequent use, you can even reach 3 days easily. A good slap for me that allowed me to understand and infer that the Zenfone Max was the second Android smartphone in the world to produce the best autonomy after Oukitel K10000 (details). In terms of software, Asus also opens personalization for users. With some seating options within the parameters of the battery, it is possible to add the exact percentage in the status bar, detect too demanding applications and enjoy 5 modes dedicated to improving the management of resources. According to each mode, an indicative estimate of autonomy in it is affixed to the side of the option. Among these modes, three of which are dedicated to saving energy, another performance (for intensive tasks) and the last that can be customized. Since the second tab, you can even create one or more automatic triggering of these modes so that they fire at specific times.

For a smartphone positioned at 230 euros, we truly value for money. In 2016, Asus shows he wants. I have rarely seen such quality products in the entry level, except in 3D where he was overtaken by a 5X Honor. Aside from that, it shows conclusive multimedia, and more than pleasant grip only strengthens the whole. At a glance, the Zenfone Max boasts a charismatic design that will seduce more than one. In difference to the Zenfone 2, there is less boat and displays a little thin borders. One point on which Asus has understood the need to work. In addition, it must not forget its weight / mass in hand exceeds 200 grams. Looking back, it reinforces the strength of feeling, where it will be binding for others. Finally, photos and videos produced by cameras front and back are very good. There are even a lot of options where you could almost lead you astray. The icing on the cake regarding its long battery life that can endure at least two days away from its charger. To conclude on the optimization, it is at the rendezvous, but may be quickly drowned by the Asus software bloat that tend to flood the system. In other words, think carefully about what you install and try to sort to keep a fluid smartphone.

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