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Monday, April 18, 2016

The Best Google Chrome Alternative Baidu Browser for Fast Search

The Best Google Chrome Alternative Baidu Browser for Fast Search
The Best Google Chrome Alternative Baidu Browser for Fast Search


Google Keep is the equivalent of Notes applications on iOS and OneNote on Windows Phone. This is the solution developed by Google for Android users who want to record everything that goes through their head on their smartphones. The first thing that I like about the app is the ability to record all types of notes: text, lists, voice messages, photos and even drawings. Keep Google also offers a feature that transcribes text words identified by the camera of your phone. Indeed, by pointing the camera of your smartphone on a book or poster - in any language - Google Keep is capable of recording the text printed on the media (provided you have installed Google Translation). This feature requires of course an ideal lighting for work, but it works. I encourage you also to take the test.

Keep the benefits of Google are not limited to taking notes. If you use a task manager and a booster application for creating alerts, you will find with Google Keep a solution that combines the best of both. For example, you can create an alert for a note or task, and these can be converted into lists thereafter.

Google Keep you can make checklists, a handy feature for her shopping list for example. The application also allows to add images and annotations to your lists in order to involve a maximum of information. Like all other Google services, Keep syncs your data with Gmail. The service is not only available on your smartphone and you can access the online content stored in Google Keep. Google has indeed developed a full web version of Keep that works on all browsers.

You can use the application on your laptop, desktop computer and even in your mobile browser. The compatibility between the services of Google and online storage is another highlight Google Keep, especially for collaboration. You can add a friend to collaborate online on a note, simply by adding their email address. This last then has to accept your invitation and you can both edit and edit the notes in real time.

Also, Google converts Keep all your notes and sends them directly in Google Docs. A feature that I find essential for my use of the application. My contacts who have not installed Google Keep, and are therefore not able to collaborate online with me, can access my notes in Google Docs and see them in any Web browser.
It is worth using Google Keep?

Personally, I think so. Google Keep allowed me to remove several applications that were installed on my smartphone and who were the same things. Google Keep is comparable to Wunderlist, OneNote or, depending on the use you made, Evernote.

Anyway, I can only recommend you download and test the application which I am sure will make you great service as she visited me. If you already use Google Keep, tell me what you think of the application in the comments below.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro is the high-end smartphone from Chinese manufacturer until now. This model differs from the Mi 5 with 1 GB of additional RAM and an internal memory of 128 GB (instead of 32 or 64 GB for the Mi 5). However, the most anticipated feature of the Mi Pro 5 respect to its rear shell made of ceramic.

Is it worth spending 75 euros more than the 64 GB version of the Mi 5 to acquire the Mi Pro 5? The big question is whether his back Ceramic is actually able to absorb more shock than the Mi 5. He might have 1GB of additional RAM and a storage capacity twice, if he brings no more to our daily use, then nothing worthwhile to pay the fee.

To verify whether the statements are true regarding Xaomi of the resilience of its smartphone, it would be necessary to test this ceramic to see how she resists. In the video below we can see the surfer Alex Wang to suffer the worst atrocities in the smartphone, metal objects of everyday life and other more unusual. If you are sensitive to torture smartphones, so we recommend you focus on the head of the videographer, who has genuine acting talent ...

As seen in the video, the Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro has suffered a series of torture by an individual who wanted to prove two things: that the ceramic back of the smartphone is not so strong, he is able to making the worst faces. The test began with a key, with which he tried to scratch the ceramic surface, then he continued with saws wood and metal, to finally end with a drill. Although one wonders what the back in self-restorative resin LG G Flex 2 would be able to cash instead of Mi 5 Pro.

I hope you have watched the video before reading this paragraph, otherwise the result will you spoiler. The one thing that all objects used to torture the Mi 5 Pro has managed to do is leave some tiny marks on the smartphone. It would however be interesting to see the official test to be sure the smartphone resilience. If it is really resistant, then maybe worth it to spend a few dozen additional euros for the Pro version of the Xiaomi Mi 5.

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