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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Best Application To Learn 50 Different Languages

The Best Application To Learn 50 Different Languages
The Best Application To Learn 50 Different Languages

Honor smartphone test 5x dual-sim, a midrange smartphone 5.5 inch Compatible 4G runs Android with EMUI interface Huawei and with a fingerprint sensor. Honor, whose parent company is Huawei, released in early 2016 its 5x, smartphone offering a 5.5 inch screen Full HD. Dual-sim is compatible with 4G networks and offers a polished look with its aluminum body. It is equipped with a Qualcomm MSM8939 1.5GHz 64bit Octa-core supported by 2GB of RAM processor and 16GB of internal memory expandable up to 128GB via a map. The Honor 5x that we received is packed in a cardboard box containing a blue discreet enough charger and a white cable. There is also a small tip accessory to open the doors for inserting the SIM card and Micro SD card. Indeed they are present on the left edge. The hull thus not open, indicating the absence of a removable battery and the need to have a spare loading solution as an external battery.

Unpacking honor5x

The implementation of the SIM card (micro or nano size) or SD card poses no difficulty, think to replace the small device in its box for later use possible even if a fine trombone can do the trick. Note that the second SIM card door is also one that can accommodate the Micro SD card.

Location SIM cards

At the first commissioning of the device password is required, I am therefore not the first to have it in hand. It is possible to make a "reset hardware" quite simply by simultaneously pressing the power and volume up button for a few seconds until reboot. Subsequently an option Wipe Data / Factory Reset to select with the volume keys retrieves a device like in the factory. Unfortunately this manipulation has not been brought to completion due to security introduced with Android 5 Lollipop. When a "hard reset" is achieved, ie with physical buttons and bypassing the interface, previously used a Google account on the device is needed to unlock.

Volume buttons and power

I could find the previous owner to do a soft reset by Android Settings and then use the phone with another account. This security is interesting to deter thieves, even if flaws exist for the round. However, it will be careful in case of resale or used purchase.

Design and grip

With its slightly curved metal body 5x the Honor inspires confidence from the grip. The front is very refined while the rear lens protrudes slightly. Besides the LED flash can be seen below and a fingerprint sensor, so preferably with the index or middle finger that is most convenient for identification.

Camera back

Placed side screen is perfectly stable on the other side it wobbles slightly. This is not the fault of the curved back but the objective of the camera, it is hoped that the protective glass will withstand scratches since it is in contact with the support. The volume buttons and on-off are positioned on the right edge of very classic way. Interface The startup process is fairly basic: selection of language, license, etc Google Account to the seizure of the footprint. This is done easily and quickly by positioning the finger several times on the sensor.

Entering the imprint

The main screen displays to present the interface by Honor thought, icons have very rounded corners with a slight relief effect and shadow, halfway between the flat style that one can find on other interfaces and pronounced relief "old".


The navigation between screens is very fast as access to settings or other basic applications. Apparently the Honor 5x enough under the hood and provides smooth navigation. Everyone will enjoy, unlike the look of the interface remains a matter of taste.

Screen settings

In the notification area two tabs are present to access the main functions quickly with shortcuts or read notifications. They are arranged in chronological order. During our test the Honor 5x offered to close an application to preserve the battery, it has done so since the notification screen.

Viewing notifications Audio and Communications

We did not notice discomfort during calls or for sending messages at the transmission or audio quality. The interface has been adapted in these operations in order to juggle between two SIM cards. During our test only slot 2 was filled with a SIM card and the device is perfectly suited to this configuration indicating when it was relevant that the message or calls were made with this card.

Call History and keyboard

No worry to hang the network to make communications. The GPS is also well during our test with a sports application that tracks movement. sound audio side offers a very satisfactory volume even if it becomes worse when it is pushed too much. The speakers are placed on the bottom edge of the device, this allows to listen to music with mobile laid flat back or side screen.

Speakers Performance and battery life

We had noticed the fluidity of the interface from the grip, it is also the case with navigation in the Play Store. We install Asphalt 8 to see if the game reactivity is present as well. The wireless download speed is very good and 800MB of game data is quickly recovered. Loading the game is fast and during the race no saccade was reported.

Side autonomy Honor ad without recharging at least one day with his mAh battery 3000. This seems to stick with the findings that we made during the test. As it is not possible to change the battery, it will, however, provide a backup charger when traveling more than 24 hours away from an outlet or if you forget to start charging late afternoon. The Honor 5x is equipped with two cameras, one in front of 5 million pixels for selfies and another 13 million pixels back. It is the latter that was used to perform the following views. The interface provides access to settings easily with multiple options to play with colors available before shooting.


It behaves quite well in dark places, the HDR is enabled. Autofocus is sometimes a little hesitant even when the location of the image where you point the camera has to focus as in the picture above. The rest is OK without being outstanding in terms of quality sometimes approximate exposure, color reproduction or sharpness. This is what is expected of a mid-range device at this price. (Click to enlarge, small photographs and compressed 2400x1800 vs original 4160x3120) The price is just the asset of Honor 5x leaving a pleasant overall impression for a smartphone that can be found around 229 euros. At this price a large screen is obtained, a reactive system and a metal device that looks good, the fingerprint reader to unlock the device very quickly. He will be there to help during the realization of shots even in low light and provide good sound provided you do not push it until saturation.

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