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Monday, April 18, 2016

Solve Windows 10 Problems Directly By Microsoft Engineers

Solve Windows 10 Problems Directly By Microsoft Engineers
Solve Windows 10 Problems Directly By Microsoft Engineers


Tinybop is a young start-up New York known for its educational games and applications designed for enfants.Elle already has many successes to its credit, such as Robot Factory or simple machines, two sets enabling more young people to learn fun way to engineering. Inspired construction packs, this kind of popular games in the 1980s and whose Pinball Construction Set 2 on Apple is one of the most famous representatives, the company is committed this time to introduce us to the creation of video games.

How it works?

Infinite Arcade, the inherently retro design, so easy to create his own video game from the almost fully configurable components kits. The user first chooses his playing style (flat shape, runner game, pinball game, Pong like ...), its decor (desert cave world candy), and his character. "All have different behaviors," said Raul Gutierrez, founder of Tinybop, the wired site. Then the apprentice game designer instead different types of terrain (variable dangerousness). You can put obstacles like lava, which kills the player in one hit, false platforms that collapse when the player stepped on, or special items such as trampolines to jump higher. It is also possible bricks revealing bonus once destroyed, like Mario Bros. Obviously, the application offers a lot of enemies ranging from caterpillars to zombies.

To place the elements, the designer chooses one and done simply slide his finger on the mobile screen. Note that the application also creates a story. Text bubbles can be integrated to the game in order to develop the narrative aspect. Infinite Arcade should be available only on iOS, like other applications Tinybop, but the release date is unknown at this time. Small program change for Apple in 2017? Possible. If one believes the analyst of Barclay's Mark Moskowitz citing industry sources Fortune, Apple could simply ignore the "S" model next year. So we would have the iPhone this year 7, 8 and the iPhone in 2017. A paradigm shift would mean that the iPhone 7 would not be a revolution.

This is also in the sense that the rumors are pointing to an iPhone 7 - supposed - to design close to current models, the jack and less and with antennas placed differently. It was the following year that there would be significant aesthetic changes, including the use of glass. It should in addition be entitled to an OLED designed primarily by Samsung. Which would bring him also big.

The analyst goes further by mentioning the removal of the "home" button physical and the addition of wireless charging. Analyst words. Apple is expected to present its iPhone 7 in September and we will see if the update is so ambitious as described. We can hardly believe it considering the negative impact it would have on sales of the terminal. Apple is not soft on the storage capacity offered by its iPhone. Models offering comfortable space are more expensive, and small capacity cannot be expanded using MicroSD cards, unlike a good amount of smartphones running other operating systems. Whether your storage memory is too small for your needs, whether you are an avid fan of photography or video games with stunning graphics (and so voracious in terms of space), these tips should help you free up space without having to leave the portfolio, and then just a few notes.

1. Manage your available space

It is crucial that you know what takes the most space in your iPhone. In general, it is pictures and videos, music and podcasts, and video games. It goes without saying that the more you remove unnecessary applications and media, the more you space to what is really important. To have a more precise idea of ​​your available space, you can go to the general settings of your device and in use> Manage Storage. You will see this: Note that you can completely remove an application that you no longer use and reinstall the urge. It may also be interesting to delete an application in which the service is available in web via the browser, like Facebook for example. This will save space and battery.

2. Reduce the quality of your photos and videos

Each new iPhone is seen with a picture / video sensor higher definition than the last. It is a good thing in terms of image quality, but it also gives bigger files. Ironically, most of our photos is displayed directly on our smartphones, or on Facebook, Instagram and others, which do not require gargantuan definitions offered by the sensors. Same for the video shoot in 1080p is not necessary if the recorded video is intended to be displayed on the iPhone that took it. Under these conditions, as filming in 720p. For that, go back into the settings and follow this path: Photos and Camera> Video recording. Also avoid the framerate too high, it makes you fat files. To take pictures of size less than what Apple offers in the settings, try a third photography application like Camera +.

3. Use the Cloud

The iCloud backs up your photos automatically, leaving tiny versions of them on your iPhone. To enable this feature, go to this address: Settings> iCloud> Photos. Make sure your library is copied to the cloud, and then select the "Optimize storage." However, you might quickly fill the 5GB of free space you have on iCloud. To move to 50GB, you will pay 0.99 euros. 2.99 euros and 9.99 euros for 200GB to 1TB. Of course, you can also use other cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft onedrive. Flickr also offers 1TB of storage space for free. Make sure all the same to have activated the automatic transfer of photos in these applications. Caution, this may need to enable location services, which consumes battery.

4. Add an external storage system

Although no iPhone allows the use of MicroSD card, there are recovery solutions. A number of manufacturers began to market USB for iPhone, MicroSD card readers or other external storage media. Among the best known, there is the SanDisk iXspand, which costs fifty euros for 32GB, this type of key features Lightning jack to connect directly to iPhone and a USB socket to connect the PC to recover data. We also find this concept in the Lexar competitor, often cheaper than SanDisk. There are also wireless storage systems such as the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick, from 30 € to 16 GB. The key creates its own Wi-Fi network to which are connecting the iPhone, iPad and other computers (up three users simultaneously). The key also incorporates a battery that recharges via its standard USB. There is a limit to know however. From these storage media, you cannot play music or movies DRM-protected, such as those that you bought on iTunes. These devices allow you to read your own files.

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