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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Samsung 15 Tera Bytes Hard Disk Urdu Review

Samsung 15 Tera Bytes Hard Disk Urdu Review
Samsung 15 Tera Bytes Hard Disk Urdu Review

In recent years, WiFi has become common worldwide, although some are struggling to pay, then it should be a fundamental right granted to all. That said, many people continue to tax the people, as the big companies, but you have to make money you might say. For those who did not know, know that your smartphone and Android tablet are able to scan for WLANs, and tell you which networks are protected or not. To do this, simply open the general settings of Android, then visit the Wi-Fi menu to see displayed the list of available networks. Fancy a coffee or something to eat, note that the large chains like Starbucks and McDonalds are able to offer you free access to a WiFi network, provided that you consume something. Given the crowds that there is in these places, connection speed leaves can sometimes be poor.

To enhance your chances of having a free WiFi, you can also join the huge users Instabridge community, where many WiFi networks are shared for all to see and worldwide! Cataloged as a revolution, this app is a must on all Android mobiles. If you are a frequent visitor of one or shopping centers in your area, it may be that it offers free WiFi access cards that allow you to access a network for one or two hours. Nothing costs to get information to the home of its stores to see if they offer it or not. In general, it's free.

Far from being generalized in all the hotels, it is interesting to recall that over the majority of them also hold free WiFi access for their clients. So do not be shy, please ask the receptionist or a night watchman for that you communicate free WiFi access code. If you make a detour to a library, remember that they are also likely to have one or more free WiFi networks, depending on the size. Usually the WiFi password is displayed on the wall. If this is not the case, why do not you contact the reception who will direct you to an answer?

If you do not have the means to pay a package with a number of mobile data to meet your needs, it may be that one (e) of your friend (s) is the holder of a decent package that yours. Here, the partition becomes suddenly meaningless. With any Android, you can share your connection with others and with or without password. So, do not hesitate to ask and share at the same time. This goes both ways.

You hold a long pass and have not changed to offer long ago? Check with your telephone company to see if a better offer is available at the same price. Who knows, it may well be that your amount of monthly mobile data dual and even triple by updating your package! Give and take, is the motto of the world since time immemorial. Many do not respect it and prefer to take, but not give back anything ... Whatever it is, the Android operating system natively offers this option in more advanced versions. If you do not have it, download an application to do so. We hope that these solutions have helped you! If you have other good practice to have free WiFi, be aware that comments are at your disposal to tell us.

If you have read other articles I have written on the subject, you know what I think of Facebook: an abomination that encourages people to communicate to say nothing, and prévilégier virtual communication for real. The abuse became common, and it does nobody today shocked to see several people around a table without saying a word, all chatting on Facebook, WhatsApp or other IM from their smartphone. However, despite all the problems caused by Facebook, I am convinced of the good faith of Mark Zuckerberg. Of course, like all entrepreneurs he probably seeks profit and fame, but I think he really wants to improve things. We can criticize his methodology and results, obviously, but I think he really believes what he says.

You all know how Facebook was created, there was even a film on the subject. That said, Facebook is free, as is the Messenger (with in-app purchases possible), so we might ask where Facebook seem to get so much money. During the last quarter 2015, turnover was 5.84 billion. A large majority is due to advertising, which itself is essentially composed of the mobile market. In 2015, revenues obtained by mobile advertising accounted for 78% of total advertising revenues. Today, this is 80%. Each user makes its contribution, small or large, and if we multiply the total by the number of Facebook users (over 1 billion and a half), we can easily imagine the huge numbers. Let us not forget either that some markets are still emerging, so the total number of users can further increase, which will also increase revenues, obviously.

The advertising system is cleverly thought. Slyly would be a better word, but again the American giant wants us to believe that it is in our interest. Advertising is targeted, meaning that Facebook will only show you things that he believes will interest you and motivate you to click. You understood, Facebook needs to fit into your private life to find out what you like. It will not only take the information you enter on Facebook (eg images or other information) but also the interactions that you are from another page (for example, when you click the button I like from a third party website).

This technique is a little bit limited for my taste, but in this view, is acceptable. Generally, when you first log on a third party site, it informs you of its policy of cookies and ask you to accept it. Using a cookie, it is possible to connect data to be operated by Facebook (and other sites) to target advertisements. In other words, you surf in peace and we ask your permission to invade your privacy. Rest assured, it is possible to block all this. Simply put, we can exaggerate the situation by saying that nothing is free and that when we do not pay for something, we ourselves are its product.

Mark Zuckerberger, Zuck for short, was speaking at the F8 conference. The creator of Facebook confirmed to want to give everyone the opportunity to share what he wants, and this with anyone. First, he would like to develop its applications, particularly its Messenger chat app. The latter will have a more professional use, allowing users to communicate with robots representative brands. You could for example get information on the next train to Paris directly from Messenger, and even buy the ticket. It is likely that hotline services are also used when users have questions. In addition, an advanced Live Streaming service should come. The creator of Facebook confirmed to want to give everyone the opportunity to share what he wants, and this with anyone.

Facebook is not limited to Messenger, it is also (among others) WhatsApp and Instagram, which are among the most used applications. An evolution of these apps is probably expected. The group system is put forward, there is an interesting potential for the US giant. Even seeing things as big. With such a budget, Facebook may be interested in many other technologies and has already selected his horses battles. However, his ambitions remain unchanged: to help people (if that is true or not is another story). So Facebook is interested in an alliance with the Intelligence ARTIFICIAL health to make life easier for many people with a disease, including blindness.

Facebook also put on the VR, especially since the purchase of the company Oculus. Facebook not only benefit from the success of the Oculus Rift, but may promote this product while exploiting the lode with its own applications (will we have the VR on Messenger?). Best of all, Facebook plans to provide Internet access on a large scale through the use of drones. Free Internet services are also available, especially for those who need medical support. Does that mean a virtual medical support system that could make them even more people hypochondriacs? The future will tell. After Google, Apple and Microsoft, another giant pulls huge profits of our privacy by claiming to do good deeds. Do they really have the shoulders to rule the world?

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