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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How To Utilize Technology For Protecting Your Children

How To Utilize Technology For Protecting Your Children
How To Utilize Technology For Protecting Your Children


At the F8 conference for developers, Zuckerberg presented its "roadmap" for the next 10 years. His goal: use the HLB and augmented reality to create the Facebook tomorrow. While social networking is sometimes advertised as age, Zuckerberg is thrown headlong into the HLB and the VR. In the medium term ambition is to create a new ecosystem, populated by "chatbot". The idea is similar to that of Microsoft and its conversational robots: allow the user to be in direct relationship with companies via Messenger, the instant messaging service Facebook.

chatbots proactive on Messenger

The social network is already thinking about the "post-apps era", considering that soon we will not need to install applications, since everything will be accessible in one place. It will be possible to order flowers or book a hotel room with a chatbot on Messenger, without the need to install an app. Better robots, "smart", will analyze your requests, to anticipate your needs and offer you things. The dream for Facebook, who intends to drag the pub and "sponsored posts" in the conversations of these "virtual assistants". Proactive, AI Facebook, personal assistant "M", will go even further than chatbots third soon to be designed by companies on its platform, Wit.ai: he "will perform tasks for you, will buy articles, will deliver gifts to your loved ones, reserve a restaurant, a travel ... " We are still far from this dream - for now, the chatbot are particularly slow, if not annoying when they do not understand what they are asked. Worse, will we ever deal with "spam bot"? Facebook is not yet asking. It seeks primarily to inspire developers to create their chatbots.

Of "immersive video" to share experiences

In the longer term, Facebook hopes door in virtual reality (VR). Coupled with chatbot, the VR does chamboulera our customs? According to Zuckerberg, the "social platform" will one day "connecting people", anywhere in the world. Armed with an Oculus Rift VR headset or Gear, we can film everything we do, in order to "share experiences" with our loved ones. To capture the most of these slices of life, Zuckerberg proposes to use similar tools to its latest futuristic camera, Surround Facebook 360 - which can shoot videos at 360 degrees, calibrated for VR headsets. Surround the 360 ​​will never be commercialized: Facebook prefers posting plans on Github, open source. The idea is to help create "immersive video". To exploit later this new expression format. And allow us to "find whole scenes from life, as if we were there in person," thanks to VR headsets.

Find our friends in "virtual worlds"

These helmets are not even helmets, prophesy Zuckerberg, but glasses, similar to Google Glass mixed with HoloLens which combine augmented reality and virtual reality. "Imagine you visit a monument. Facebook with your glasses, you might discover that a friend went to the same place the previous year, you see floating before his comments, add your own "dream Mashable. What will happen when you pass a restaurant? A chatbot appear there before you, to give you advice? One thing is certain: "There will be advertising in it," says Mark Zuckerberg. Rest assured, this is not for now: according to the founder of Facebook, it will take 10 years almost to arrive at this final stage.

Facebook does not lose sight of either pure virtual reality, which will find our friends, even located very far from us, in virtual worlds "private". As already offers the social network VTIME. The project "Social Alpha" Oculus (owned by Facebook) aims to "enable multiple people to meet in a virtual living room" through the Gear VR, to discuss and watch videos on one screen - Virtual too. It is already possible to play several (in a virtual room) table tennis in Toybox, available on the Oculus Rift. A game that is used with all new controllers "Touch".

Before seeing its 1.5 billion users go to mass in these "virtual showroom", Facebook will have to take his troubles patiently. And wait for the VR, which is still in its infancy, is democratized (if it is democratized). To allow his vision to materialize, Zuckerberg will also recruit new users. This is why it entrusted its laboratory, the "Connectivity Lab", the mission of "connecting the world" through drones, lasers and satellites.

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