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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How To Use Your Desktop Keyboard On Android Device

How To Use Your Desktop Keyboard On Android Device
How To Use Your Desktop Keyboard On Android Device

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S takes the name of the product range Android while running Windows 10. This hybrid model is the latest in a long series of terminals seeking to create a Windows tablet that either both useful, intuitive and attractive. It is Microsoft that has most approached this ideal compromise with its Surface range which over four generations has become a great product.
We could recommend the Surface Pro 4 as the Windows tablet reference, but it has a major flaw: it is expensive. This is because the protective keyboard cover, which is essential for everyday use, is sold separately. Result, the base price is 999 euros to which add 149 euros for the Type Cover.

The Galaxy S footprint TabPro the best area while correcting some of its shortcomings. The most important information is that Samsung offers a model equipped with an AMOLED screen 12 inches with an Intel Core m3, 128 GB SSD and above the protective keyboard cover for 950 euros. An effort which we welcome as a sign of respect towards consumers. Although it offers excellent value for money, the S TabPro however, is not perfect. The keyboard has a nice clear impression of strength, it is not as advanced as that of the Surface Pro 4. In this latest version, Microsoft has opted for chicklet keys that are similar to those found on keyboards of laptops while the Samsung keyboard is equipped with flush buttons without spaces that are much less ergonomic. Operation is noisy compared to the sweetness of the keyboard area, which may explain why Microsoft invoice 149 euros.

One like the other use a magnetic connection system with the screen that is reassuring. The Samsung model protects both the front and back of the tablet while the keyboard-cover the area only covers the screen. In terms of ergonomics, there is an area in which the Galaxy S TabPro beats the Surface Pro 4 and another in which he is outclassed. Without the protective cover, the tablet portion of the TabPro S is incredibly thin and light with 689 grams on the scale against 798 grams for the Surface Pro 4. But the area incorporates a swivel foot that allows positioning the screen almost n 'any angle.

This is a huge advantage over the S TabPro that do not have integrated foot and uses his sleeve to offer only two screen positions: one almost right and the other much more tilted back . Neither of them seemed to us perfectly in our tests of various positions on desks and chairs. However, the low position be well enough when one is sitting in a couch with tablet on his lap. Those who feel comfortable with both positions thoughts by Samsung engineers lucky. For others, not having more freedom of adjustment is a real downer. Another difference is the pen that Microsoft includes with the surface while Samsung sells it separately. Its release was delayed and has not yet information on its availability in France. We could try it briefly at the press presentation and it seemed rather efficient for drawing and sketches.

Apart from its keyboard comes home, the biggest advantage of TabPro S is its AMOLED pixels 2.160x1.440 that the Korean brand already uses on many of its smartphones. The result is breathtaking with a clear image even clear and bright under the most extreme angles. One of the reasons that Samsung may propose a keyboard-cover and an AMOLED screen for less than 1,000 euros is the choice of a Core processor Intel m3 which is not as powerful as Core i5 or i7 that found on most computers. This is the second generation of Core M that progresses performance level and autonomy from the first generation that was pretty disappointing (especially present in the MacBook 12-inch).

In common usage, the process has lived up to web browsing, HD video playback, but the system could sometimes jerky. However, good flow by using the new Microsoft Edge browser that is optimized for Windows 10. The range of the Surface Pro 4 entry model is also equipped with a Core m3 chip is stored, but Microsoft offers other configurations Core i5 and Core i7. The autonomy of the S TabPro were pleasantly surprised, especially beating the Surface Pro 4 and the 12-inch MacBook. She held 9h23mn our online video streaming test, which is ample for a full day of work. It is also 4 times better than the Surface Pro 4.

The TabPro Samsung S is not perfect, but its few flaws serve a just cause: to offer a high-end Windows tablet for a reasonable price. The price / quality ratio is excellent especially considering the Amoled screen and long battery life. But the main argument is the presence of a keyboard-cover supplied as standard makes this product far more useful out of the box. And the goal is not it precisely to offer users useful tools?

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