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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How To Protect and Safe Your Device For Kids

How To Protect and Safe Your Device For Kids
How To Protect and Safe Your Device For Kids

These PCs were presented at CES 2016 as laptops "the lightest in the world." They are now available for sale in the US for a price of 1099 dollars version Core i5 and 1499 dollars with a Core i7. Serious competitor to the Apple MacBook, which simply Mr. Core processor. These two high-end devices weigh less than 1kg and have a slightly less than 1.8 cm thick despite their 15.6-inch screen. Their IPS panel, with a 16: 9 offers a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. The hard drive allows for him to store 512GB of data and the available processors (2.8 GHz i5-6200U and i7-6500U 3.1 GHz) are both accompanied by 8GB of RAM. LG promises a battery life of 7 hours.

15 Gram embark USB Type-C, USB 3, micro USB, microSD slot and of course a HDMI port. They are driven by Windows 10 and incorporate a quick-start tool "Instant Booting", a mode for reading, "Reader Mode", reducing the blue night light, and a "Movie" mode for more vibrant colors when user watches a movie. Unfortunately for us, LG does not sell (for now?) Not its computers in France. You will have to cross the Atlantic if you really want to get one. For once, we had no warning signs, finally, if not the market. Huawei has decided to announce the Huawei VR, a virtual reality helmet. The Chinese giant could not really miss out on this growing market. Designer of smartphones, the firm decided to adopt a similar strategy of Samsung with a helmet intended to welcome its phones.

Which? Not surprisingly, the last two are advertised as flagship P9 P9 Plus. This implies two things that will not necessarily predict the best in the short term, for headphones. First, it must be equipped with a USB Type-C port, thereby limiting the compatibility of the helmet with future products because the previous use of the Micro-USB. Second, the image will not be as beautiful as that of S6 / S7 since the screen P9 only displays Full HD. Huawei Gear VR Conversely, one can argue that Huawei has made the choice of the future for its connections. This ensures a brighter future to the extent that the connectors will democratize. Samsung is in the opposite case with the Gear VR. This is also one reason why the Korean had to keep the Micro-USB on S7. The cost is probably another.

As TechRadar notes present at the event, Huawei helmet is very similar to that of Samsung. Visually and technically also found there especially since a trackpad on the side and a knob for setting. The helmet has yet neither price nor release date, but ad Huawei still arriving for 2016 and even "probably this season." The rumors are becoming more insistent. This is since November 2015 that corridor noises evoke the arrival of new MacBook this year. He said also that the official announcement could take place during the conference for Apple developers, the famous WWDC to be held in June 2016.

Today DigiTimes deliver one layer. The site claims that Apple will launch two new MacBook "extremely fine" during the second half of 2016. Available in 13 or 15 inches (which would mean the end of the 12-inch MacBook?), Machinery possess more compact hinges through a manufacturing process of small sized components used for the iPhone and the Apple Watch. These metal powder injection molding (MIM). These hinges are provided by the US Company Amphenol, according to the site. Another rumor, this MacBook could be equipped with USB Type-C. The answer in June? A week after the release of the latest build of Windows 10 PC, Microsoft reiterates the build number 14322, for mobile this time. The new version is available since 14 April 2016 for Insiders enrolled in ongoing updates of program Fast Ring only.

This preview offers a number of innovations. First, the visual aspect of the Action Center has been improved in the sake of saving space. Notifications are now grouped by application, with one icon placed in the header of the group. Notifications can be classified according to their importance: "normal", "high" or "priority", and you can choose how you want to view by application. In addition, quick action can now be customized. This preview also brings some improvements in the assistant Cortana staff. The reminders can now contain images and be created from external applications. Microsoft also ensures that Cortana is smarter. The wizard can prevent an employment conflict of time, for example. The Edge browser acquires, as to him, better "copy / paste" and improved tab management. Moreover, the phones compatible with Continuum now bear the majority of USB Ethernet adapters. Finally, this build also brings some minor visual enhancements and, as always, bug fixes.

The rumor is now recurring. The iPhone will have in a future more or less close, be equipped with OLED screen. The technology is now mature and provides very good results, Apple would thus finally decided to take the plunge, especially if he trusts the current tenor of the market: Samsung. As reported by the Korean Herald, Apple would have signed an agreement with the Korean for the provision of that room. We can say that the contract is lucrative since the Korean publication says that the contract would cover 100 million screens per year. A larger volume than the annual sales of iPhone which can also suggest they might find some in the iPad. This can also be explained by the need for spare parts and volume growth envisaged in the projections of Cupertino. In total, this would represent $ 2.3 billion per year for Samsung. To be honored comfortably, the contract will require large investments from Samsung. According to one analyst, the company will have to invest $ 8.5 billion in new plant to double its production capacity.

The tiles come unfortunately not in the iPhone 7, but in the 7S. The first deliveries will arrive at subcontractors in the second quarter 2017. The next phone, normally scheduled for September 2016, will therefore miss the boat. The screen should thus be one of the novelties of the 7S iPhone. A new contract for Samsung which is obviously detrimental to LG, the other large OLED tile manufacturer. As added Korean newspaper, the action of the company immediately plunged traded. That said, when you see the quality of the slabs used by Samsung in its Galaxy S6 and S7, one can only be delighted with this new partnership. Especially since it could later allow Apple to offer curved screens like the S7 Edge.

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