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Monday, April 18, 2016

How To Get Rid Of Fake Facebook Dislike Button On The Social Network

How To Get Rid Of Fake Facebook Dislike Button On The Social Network
How To Get Rid Of Fake Facebook Dislike Button On The Social Network


With its "Art Sessions" Google wanted to show the possibilities of its application Tilt Brush, Paint a sort of 360 degrees reserved to the happy owners helmets HTC Vive. For this, the search giant has invited six painters, sculptors, illustrators or designers to produce works of art in virtual reality.

The movements of the artists have been registered with the Microsoft Kinect and tracking tools HTC Vive, whose controllers are used as brushes. For the occasion, Google has also modified so that the Tilt Brush brush strokes and even temperatures are transcribed on the screen.

Note that the 3D drawing application uses the famous Unity engine free, popular with developers working on the development of virtual reality games. Honor, the subsidiary "digital native" Huawei will strike again. As she says in a teaser posted on its website, the brand will announce the V8 Honor on 10 May. GIF leaves little room for doubt about the name or the main feature of the future product: a dual camera sensor. We can indeed see two objectives turn into 8.

The affiliation with the P9 will not be difficult to see. We imagine that the firm was not embarrassed to design new sensors for the occasion, so we should find 12 mpx twice on the phone, with a black and white sensor and the other in color. It is however possible, and as rumored, the "co-branding" Leica is not the party to distinguish the two products a little more clearly.

hallway noise also suggest that the phone would be entitled to a screen 5.2 inches and is powered by a Kirin 950 with 2 or 3 GB of RAM and 16, 32 or 64 GB of storage. The 64GB version also could be a little performance with 4GB of RAM. Obviously we have no information on price or release date. It was not until May 10 to find out. Facebook continues to add to its instant messaging application, Messenger. The news in recent weeks have increased, we think in particular the deployment of "Bot Store" or arrival custom web addresses for professionals. This new implementation comes this time walking on beds of Microsoft Skype or Google Hangout.

It will be possible in the next 24 hours (the time that the update is deployed on iOS and Android) to spend during audio calls group conversations. A novelty that should seduce as many groups of friends and professionals. The procedure is simple. A new icon on the top right of the app will make an appearance. You can then make calls to the group. The limit of participants was 50, a small phone icon shaped define the persons who are present during the call.

There is no indication yet if the web version will be affected, so you need to experiment on your own in the coming hours. Camp rumor exchange. Just yesterday we mentioned the development by Samsung of a new generation of image sensor capable of competing with compact digital cameras. Today is the turn of Apple "revolutionize" the photo on mobile integration with optical zoom on a next generation iPhone. At least that is what suggests a patent dating from May 2014 ...

This patent No. 9,316,810 does not deliver in the end that little concrete information, but suggests the general concept. Specifically, rather than incorporate a conventional optical zoom that would be too large as the Galaxy K Zoom, Apple uses a set of lenses and mirrors which can reproduce optical zoom; a concept already proven akin to zoom periscope developed by the Japanese company Konica-Minolta. "The goal is not apparent and is moving in a completely invisible way The only visible part of the objective, is a small rectangular window. A reflecting prism as a periscope"

Nevertheless, such an implementation of the next generation iPhone seems unlikely. The race to refine its smartphones and always makes it impossible to integrate this technology. Furthermore, a persistent rumor provides for the presence of a dual camera sensor for the Pro version. Surface 3 is probably one of the most oriented tablets "productivity" of the market.
Both tablet to read content and an alternative to the laptop for basic tasks, Area 3 offers a true Windows (8.1, compatible with Windows 10), a reliable processor (quad core Atom 1.6 Ghz X7 beating and supported by 2 GB RAM), a result storage (64 GB expandable via SD card) and a slab 10.8 inches Full HD all for a low weight of 620 g.

In addition to the cameras (8MP on the back and 3.5 Mp front for Skype sessions), we will retain its 3.0 standard USB and video output via Mini DisplayPort. The second micro USB port is used for charging the battery and works with any USB microphone adapter and even with external batteries.
A real tablet to work, especially when accompanied by a keyboard / cover Type Cover. And it is precisely this combo oriented "productivity" which is offered this Thursday, April 21 by Auchan.

Thursday April 21, the merchant offers on the Surface 3 + keyboard to € 440 instead of € 629, a discount of € 189 with free delivery. A very good price in relation to the possibilities offered by the machine. The summer holidays are approaching and speaker manufacturers are beginning to unveil their collection as background music for your warm summer evenings. B & O Play, the subsidiary "young" and - a little - less expensive of the famous Danish brand Bang & Olufsen, today announced the BeoPlay A1. This is a Bluetooth speaker that perfectly lend nightlife beside the pool since it is water resistant.

Furthermore the resistance is also the format that distinguishes it from the rest of the range since the object is as a roller of 13.3 cm diameter and 4.8 cm high with a weight of 600 grams. It thus falls almost perfectly in the hand. The entire upper is made of aluminum for a premium look quite successful, and there is also a thong in "real leather", to symbolize the nomadic side and be able to hang on to his backpack for example (or worn around the neck as a medallion).

The firm has successfully integrated tweeter 0.75-inch woofer and a full 3-inch strip. Behind them, two class D amplifiers 30 W peak power of 2 x 140 W. This is a monophonic sound that comes out of the speaker. B & O bypasses (part of) the problem of letting opportunity to pair two speakers for stereo. Stereo or not, we had the opportunity to listen to part of the presentation and the audio is at first sight frankly good considering congestion, particularly on the bass. It will still be confirmed in a longer test.

The connector consists of a USB Type-C for recharging (on a first speaker to our knowledge) and an input jack 3.5 mm. Note that the included cable is type A on the other side, extending compatibility to almost any smartphone chargers and computers. The firm announced up to 24 hours of autonomy "limited volume". The object is officially launched today and will arrive in stores in As. It will cost 249 euros for the purchase, a relatively moderate price for the brand, which also puts in the entry.

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