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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How To Check Your DVD Drive For Problems

How To Check Your DVD Drive For Problems
How To Check Your DVD Drive For Problems


King of autonomy with its watches, the manufacturer Pebble sacrifice a little for his Time Round in favor of design and finesse. A ride that is compatible connected iOS and Android. We love Pebble watches. They emphasize basic features and practices. A Time Pebble Steel offers approximately one week of battery life, the screen stays on steady and you can wash or bathe with. So many things missing in watches like the Apple Watch. Anyway, this utilitarian approach makes us forget the absence of other features like voice calls, detecting heartbeat or mobile payment.

It is fun to see the latest addition at Pebble, the Time Round, abandons some of the things that make these watches so unique. It adopts a sleek and slim design, but it is not waterproof and autonomy falls to two days. As a bonus, it can even run some applications that use other Pebble. The Round is one of the most connected watches light and comfortable the moment. Pebble in the end, it does not replace another model, it is positioned by its specific design.

At 230 euros, we will not be buying the Time Round but the Time Steel which costs 30 euros more. But some prvfèreront style autonomy, sealing and application compatibility. This can be understood when it is a watch. You should know that the Round still retains the main features of Pebble and a big part of its applications. For us, it is the impasses are too important to convince us that we really appreciate the leadership has taken the brand from an aesthetic point of view.

The steel case topped with a Gorilla glass glare is superb, as is the leather strap that comes. It is easy to remove with a simple mechanism to install any bracelet of 20 or 14 mm depending on the version. Pebble ensures that the watch is the thinnest and lightest in existence. None Average model comes to mind to contradict this assertion. There is no other show that is as fine as this. By comparison, Apple Watch and Android Wear watches have enormous air. However, the screen is ringed with a very wide border that is found on all versions, regardless of the color. Suddenly, the color display (the same as the Pebble Time and Time Steel) which is circular look smaller in the middle of this big border. You can mitigate this effect by choosing another dial.

The level of finish is superb. The steel casing exudes robustness, the glass is properly fitted on the edges. The side buttons are small but easy to find. They are well spaced and offer excellent touch. also adding that the Round is much more attractive to female customers what was undoubtedly one of its main objectives. It is available in black, silver and pink gold with various types of leather and metal bracelets.
A good OS but fewer applications

The Pebble OS is simple, functional and stylish and it keeps getting better. Notifications from the smartphone appear and remain until they are deleted. One can switch to a display mode such that distills planner appointments and notes. A side menu allows you to call applications. The Pebble app store is well stocked and most of the apps are free.

Pebble watches are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, making it one of the most "universal" market platforms. There are applications compatible with voice commands that make good use of the built-in microphone: an application for note taking and a translation application which is surprisingly efficient on both iOS and Android. Note that the voice response function to iOS messages should arrive shortly when it is already available on Android.

It is very easy to disable notifications to enter the "quiet" mode. In this, the Pebble can make themselves more discreet than other smartwatch. There is however a big dvfaut on Round: all applications and dials that exist can not function. By visiting the app store, you can install only the applications that have been adapted to the circular format of this new model. Much of our prvférées applications are not yet available (ESPN, Misfit, Jawbone). Pebble ensures that they will be ready soon. Will they be all? If so, when? There is still not bad applications and compatible with dial Round, but it is only part of it available to other brand watches.
Prettier, but actually less

Why did the Round make all these compromises? We regret not being able to wash or bathe with (the seal is from 3 atmospheres to IPX7, which means it should not be too wet it). As for autonomy, it fell to just two days according Pebble. During our test, we achieved two and half days on a full charge. The positive is that the rapid charging system allows, from Pebble, earn an independence day in 15 minutes, which is indeed what we found.

Only two and a half days of battery life remains much better than what is proposed number of connected watches. When the battery reaches a critical level, the Pebble switches into a mode that displays only minimum time. This will have a minimum feature until we can put in charge. In the end, the main drawback is having to think about charging the Pebble every other day, that we did not used to do with the other models of the brand.

We loved the Pebble watch for their qualities that have no other smartwatch: sealing and greater autonomy. That made us prvférer these models competing as the Moto 360, the Gear S2 from Samsung or Apple Watch which nevertheless offer more features. The Pebble Time Round chose to sacrifice these unique features on the altar of design, the delicacy and lightness. This is why we personally will not be buying. But this watch gives the feeling to step aside and not forward. At least we did the option of the Pebble Steel Time is always available.

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