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Monday, April 18, 2016

How To Block Time Wasting Sites On Your PC and Android

How To Block Time Wasting Sites On Your PC and Android
How To Block Time Wasting Sites On Your PC and Android


The time has come for the Xbox 360. After ten years of production, the Microsoft game console bows. Unveiled in 2005, it has been a success for the US giant and has enabled it to consolidate its place in the video game world. A life that can be put particularly on behalf of an accessory available since 2010 and who has surprised everyone, the Kinect. It has sold 24 million copies. This information comes to us directly from Phil Spencer, chief manager of the Xbox program. "Xbox 360 means a lot to us, but the reality of an old product of ten hit us [...] we took the decision to stop the production of new Xbox 360 consoles We will continue to sell the current inventory of consoles, with varying availability by country. "

The latter will have been produced 84 million copies slightly less than its competitor Direct PS3, but far exceeding the original Xbox. His career has not been plain sailing with many bugs so the famous "Red Ring of Death". Microsoft also states that the software and hardware support is still effective, as the servers Xbox Live so you can fearlessly continue enjoying your game console. Biometrics by smartphone and shows connected could one day give way to this kind of device, if one believes its creators. Less bulky than a phone, more discreet than a watch, this patch, described as a kind of "second skin" electronics, allows itself to measure various constants of the human body such as heart rate, blood pressure, or saturation oxygen.

This "e-skin" as it is known researchers at the University of Tokyo behind its creation, led by Professor Takao Someya and Dr. Tomoyuki Yokota, you can view these constants even skin the user. The device of only three micrometers in thickness, also insulates the organic compounds from the air and prevent loss of water vapor and oxygen, which allows to "E-Skin" run during several days according to the researchers.

The device consists of parylene layers of a biocompatible polymer film, silicon oxynitride layers of indium tin oxide electrode connected to an organic photodetector and light emitting diodes for displaying polymer .

Professor Someya guess its patch could eventually completely replace smartphones, and improve the way we interact. He also wondered "what would the world be if we had screens that could stick on our body, and could display our stress levels or our emotions." For our part, we already have an idea.

The SoundTouch 10 is currently one of the best compact wireless speakers we've tested, its price is affordable, powerful and detailed refunds, an alternative choice to the reference Sonos Play: 1
The SoundTouch 10 is the smallest and cheapest of wireless speakers in the range of wireless audio systems Bose multiroom features. At 229 euros, it ranks competitor of the Play: 1 Sonos. The dimensions are similar, but the Bose is a larger, thinner (21,2x14,1x8,7cm) and lighter (1.3 kg against 2 kg). Although compact, none of these speakers is equipped with a battery that would allow mobile use. They must be connected to the mains. Note that Bose offers two other models SoundTouch 20 and 30 that are larger and more expensive, but offer the same features.

As with Sonos, the SoundTouch connects to the home Wi-Fi network and is controlled from a smartphone or tablet Android or IOS. Bose also provides a dedicated remote control has six buttons that can be associated with playlists from various streaming services such as Deezer, Pandora, Spotify or Internet radio. Apple Music is not supported currently. Early 2016, Bose added to his SoundTouch Spotify app that is updated regularly with new features, like the Sonos done. The interface has improved a lot and the setting of the system is now much easier than it was.

While Sonos is always greater than (we prefer the application and selection of streaming services is wider), Bose was very close and ranks as its most serious competitor. Its range SoundTouch includes a wide range of speakers and home theater systems that can be interconnected to form a multi-room audio set. We read the same music in multiple rooms or play different songs in different rooms. However, unlike Sonos, it is not possible to combine two speakers for a stereo effect by designating a right and left side. But that could change in the future. Towards compatibility, SoundTouch 10 can read MP3, WMA, AAC, Apple Lossless and FLAC. Audiophiles will bear in mind that, like Sonos, Denon (HEOS), this system supports files in CD quality, not 24-bit.

Faced with the Play: 1 Sonos, the SoundTouch 10 has the same ability to deliver powerful sound that could fill a small room. It is very efficient in the midrange on voice and acoustic tracks and bass is surprisingly dynamic. It tends to grow a little more on acute as Sonos, giving it more clarity but can sometimes slip into the stridency of some songs at high volume.

Fortunately, we do not find the small problem of this low on SoundTouch 30. The latter has a slight tendency to distortion when playing songs loaded bass at high volume. The SoundTouch 10 does not deliver bass as powerful as its big sister, but they have a better grip when mounting the sound.

The Play: 1 is generally a little more tolerant and friendly and more pleasant to listen to. But the one and the other, for their size, two excellent wireless speakers. The SoundTouch 10 offers a broader sound stage, clarity and bass slightly higher.

Ultimately, the Play: 1 tops our ranking, but only slightly. The SoundTouch 10 is the most serious competitor adding more remote control and Bluetooth compatibility for those who love the convenience of this direct connection. It is not as mobile as the SoundLink Mini II, but it delivers better sound for the same price. This SoundTouch 10 is currently one of the best compact wireless speakers we've tested.

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