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Monday, April 18, 2016

Best New Features of Android Marshmallow 6.0 In Urdu For Pakistani Users

Best New Features of Android Marshmallow 6.0 In Urdu For Pakistani Users
Best New Features of Android Marshmallow 6.0 In Urdu For Pakistani Users


Lenovo, Motorola's parent company announced a new smartphone Thursday, April 21, 2016 in Beijing, the Zuk Z2 Pro. Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo CEO, took this opportunity to unveil some information about the next smartphone from Motorola to our colleagues Gizmochina. The president of the Chinese brand said Motorola will launch a new device on June 9. Yuanqing Yang declined to specify the name of it and has simply described as particularly "exciting". Given images recently leaked on the web, our colleagues have deduced that it was the next generation of Moto G, the lowcost but popular smartphone from Motorola. These photos also suggested that the brand would launch not one but two models this year: a Motorbike G4 and G4 Plus larger. Response June 9

That's 26 years now that the Hubble telescope was sent into space to examine our universe. In orbit around the Sun by the shuttle Discovery astronauts at the end of April 1990 Hubble is used by many astrophysicists worldwide. As each of his birthdays, NASA released images from the telescope. The video of this year shows the splendid Nebula, a nebula located more than 8,000 light years away in the constellation Cassiopeia. This bubble of gas and dust was created by the stellar wind of the star that lies in its center. Make no mistake, the colors visible on the screen are not those that we could observe with the naked eye. They actually reflect the composition of the nebula: blue for oxygen, green to hydrogen, and red to nitrogen. To the naked eye, Nebula would rather greyish. It's still prettier as well.

HTC was the last big name to present its flagship HTC 2016. The 10 has the delicate task of dethroning Samsung and its Galaxy S7.
Taiwanese he crunches Korean? Answer in our test. Here he finally conspicuously absent MWC, HTC 10 goes on sale in early May. New flagship smartphone the last chance, some will say. HTC actually experiencing serious financial difficulties in recent times and the company will need to seduce with this smartphone if it intends to remain a significant player in the market. Unless it starts badly for 10, which is not really a breakthrough smartphone. The company leverages its expertise, the design speaks for itself as certain discounts technologies to date. Evidenced by the presence of the photo sensor "UltraPixel".

The object remains particularly expensive in a market where only Apple and to a lesser extent, Samsung can claim at rates so high. It will cost 749 euros to purchase the object, as an iPhone 6S 16GB. He arrives HTC 10 to justify its price? Response in this test.

No break for HTC, the firm said in its teasers for the product "we are obsessed, but the right way." Obsession design ... and even stubbornness. Yes, the HTC 10 is beautiful, well finished, the ubiquitous aluminum had its effect. HTC still manages to offer us fine product, but clearly not out. He returns back even since the previous one had the merit of proposing the "two-tone unibody" making its effect. Everything is gray, or black, or "topaz".

HTC 10 is adorned with a wide chamfer around the back, which helps to grip, reinforcing the effect already provided by the rounded back. There is also a chamfer at the front, it is fashionable and pretty it is. The firm also follows the fashion of the screen "2.5D" and decency not to make marketing argument.

The problem is especially the fact that the product is heavy. Very heavy. The phone weighs 161 grams. On the high end phones of this format is the one that weighs the most. The Galaxy S7 weighs 152 grams for a 5.1-inch screen, the same version of Edge 5.5 inches is lighter with 157 grams.

Add to that a significant thickness of 9 mm, where competitors are around 7 mm. The rounding of the back end a bit sensitive, but this is not enough: the HTC 10 appears simply massive and it shows very clearly in hand or pocket. It's beautiful, but it's heavy.
Super LCD

After HTC One A9 equipped with an OLED screen, we thought the company ready to make the leap to the screen technology. But it is ultimately nothing because we have here a Super LCD panel 5 by 5.2 inches with a definition "qHD" 2560 x 1440 to about 560 pixels per inch.

The major drawback of the technology used by HTC is its contrast, necessarily smaller than that of the OLED. It notes, however, to use that it does not feel too most of the time, especially in the absence of comparison.

The display catches up anyway with very accurate colors, especially when used on standard sRGB color profile accessible via parameters and not the colors "Vives" proposed by default. Bel therefore screen for HTC 10 which shows enough and not too bright reflections.
It has more power

We are entitled to the ultimate processors in HTC 10: Snapdragon 820, aka the last jewel of Qualcomm. A processor with 8 cores with four fastest hearts are capable of operating at 2.2 GHz and Adreno 530 for graphics.

Unsurprisingly everything works perfectly, the games are superb, no slowdown noted. The opposite would have been surprising. Like its predecessor, the Snapdragon 820 tends to heat during intensive tasks, but less than last year when the heating was problematic. It is notable here, without disturbing ... provided that the phone is not supported.

With 32GB of storage, the phone is pretty comfortable, but we can still insert supports SD to increase. also appreciate the support of 4G + which is the telephone a little more future proof.
48h, sometimes

Good surprise on the side of autonomy for HTC 10 and its non-removable battery 3000 mAh. HTC has promised two days of autonomy. This is the case, since we have managed to hold 48 "real hours" of use during our tests. However, we must express some reservations. In fact, two days will be achieved through an efficient use, with few games and few calls.

As part of a use "classic" it is more reasonable to expect a day and a half, which is not bad. However, the games significantly impact battery life. If you have 2 hours by train to kill, consider your charger. Good thing for this 10, which shows a good optimization of the day as the battery become discharged during the night. The quick charger, USB-C, enables completely fill the batteries in two short hours.

After this almost idyllic picture, we come to the major fault of the HTC 10. Explanations. As with the A9, the firm has chosen to integrate a fingerprint sensor on the front panel. We like the investment more easily when the phone is placed on a table, and it works perfectly. The firm is however a fundamental mistake by not including a physical button in the manner of Samsung or Apple.

Because this sensor also serves as a home button. This means that with the buttons "back" and "multitasking" of both sides, the bottom of the unit has no dead zone for grip and therefore involuntary returns on screen Home. Some couraging examples: when taking a photo, you spend your phone horizontally and presto, home screen; you want to watch a video in landscape mode, and hop home screen; we launch a game that is played horizontally and hop home screen.

This is a major ergonomic default and one wonders how HTC could miss. And look no option to disable this feature of the fingerprint sensor as the A9, it does not exist. Unlike the latter, the HTC 10 has no software buttons (which in itself is a good thing), deactivate it so would deprive the button phone "home". Hassle. It is hoped that by the exit HTC has found a solution to this problem is by offering an option to have the software buttons or managing to ignore these unintended inputs, otherwise the phone will use a wound.
Back to UltraPixel

Pictured HTC part calls for every day a technology launched with the HTC One M7: the ultra-pixel sensor. At the time there were only 4 mpx, and it created a lot of problems, we now have 12 million photosites stabilized measuring 1.55 m, which help matters. For details, please refer to our comparative picture alongside Galaxy Huawei S7 and P9. The summary, the HTC 10 is a good camera phone. Not perfect, but the result is frankly satisfactory most of the time. The software part is also provided with the presence of a 'Pro' mode taking pictures in RAW format, but the decision takes time. Always nice having said. Many filter is obviously finds and other "beauty" mode for selfies, successful thanks to a sensor 5 mpx "also UltraPixel. No worries for video, with TimeLapse mode that will some fun.

HTC also highlights the sound, with a 24-bit DAC and treatment "facing BoomSound" which is a little too boom. The sound reproduction remains significant but quiet music lovers will probably prefer to disable it. Honors for the pair of in-ear headphones supplied. Too bad, however, that the remote control has no buttons for volume control.
Why him and not another?

HTC 10 keeps its promises and meets all the requirements that can have a high-end phone in 2016. From the screen to the photo, through the design, autonomy or performance. The firm commits however a big odd with its fingerprint sensor which, as we détaillions above, create a problem for usage.

One can also remain doubtful as to the lack of risk-taking of the firm that frankly do not find something to differentiate its main competitor what the Galaxy S7, offered at a lower price while being more efficient on some items like the photo part. So if 10 is inherently a good product, it is unclear what HTC could choose rather than Samsung, but to have a particular affinity with the Taiwanese brand.

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