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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Amazon Fire OS VS Google Android Urdu Review

Amazon Fire OS VS Google Android Urdu Review
Amazon Fire OS VS Google Android Urdu Review

1 It is much faster and does not heat

Last year, HTC has just shot himself in the foot with the release of its previous flagship product. Which would be an exciting product launch was marred by performance and overheating issues with the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 810. The update to Android Marshmallow has solved most of the problems, but the 10 HTC has a better processor Snapdragon 820 with 2.2 GHz and supported by the Adreno 530 graphics chip, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory expandable via microSD up to 2 TB. The One M9 was pretty fast, but the 10 HTC is faster and no longer suffers from his predecessor processor problems.

2. Stock Android (almost)

10 with HTC, the Taiwanese manufacturer has refined his smartphone. By default, we can find Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with HTC Sense 8.0 interface. But it was completely redone and now almost akin to a pure version of Android (Android or Stock). HTC prefers to focus and some Google applications such as Google Photos, rather than imposing its own applications. So it is good news for several reasons. Not only it is more pleasant for users because there is no loss of storage for unnecessary apps but it also means that you will receive very quickly the software updates of Android.

3. The new system facing BoomSound

10 The HTC does not offer its traditional system facing BoomSound with directional speakers as was the case on previous models. This time, HTC has done a different job with the speakers. The second speaker is no longer at the front but on the bottom of the unit, in the frame. When listening to music, the record is different, the speaker at the bottom, in the frame, reproduce bass while that at the top reproduces the treble sounds.

4. Its camera

Generally speaking, HTC was not known for its cameras. They were good but not exceptional. The situation has now changed with the HTC 10. The latter is equipped with a superb IMX377 sensor from Sony, you will also find the latest Nexus. The goal, however, offer greater openness for better shooting in low light and the optical image stabilizer to ensure blur-free shooting. According DxOMark, HTC 10 ranks first among smartphones, tied with S7 edge!

5. Better battery (and charger that comes with it)

Good news for users madmen, the HTC 10 establishment offers a large 3000mAh battery. That, coupled Doze mode the Android Marshmallow, one is able to wait two days of autonomy in moderate use. The battery also supports fast charging and delivering 50% charge in just 30 minutes - and unlike the HTC One A9, the charger that comes with the phone is compatible with fast charging.

What is the best weather app with Android? Klara Installed by pure curiosity, here Klara is a new weather app available for Android. In difference to other, its main strength lies in its comprehensive information, in addition to being made up of a rather nice interface coded in Material Design. In the options, you can even add a transition effect in 3D.

In addition to this, Klara will inform you of the exact temperature variables (time and date) and the speed of the atmospheric wind, among other things. The application can also ask for pine window reopens in the same place. At the top of the app, you can also target other places, specifying the name of a region or city. By pulling the window at the left edge of the screen, it is also possible to quickly reach several places of the application (your profile, the detailed forecasts or long-term, the skins of the application (4 available, including one named 'Darth Vader'), and finally the parameters of Klara.

Speaking of the settings of the application, it is of basic functions such as the ability to change the unit of temperature, wind, pressure and time. The last option to extend the functions with other weather forecasting applications, but this is limited for now to the Czech Republic; which is also called Tchequie. Finally, it is still necessary that the name change be accepted, which is not won.

This is the most downloaded application in France. The forecasts are accurate: the application is rarely mistaken for periods of less than 24 hours. Practice for when out of work and avoid the rain, especially. The Weather Channel offers many customization options, and its design is rather simple and well arranged. One can also add that we want in the widget, using the function drag and drop supported.

The Weather Channel is strong offer weather forecasts locally, of 36 000 communes in France but also in overseas territories. Forecasts are available at the time on two days, then the day. For more interested, videos allow you to watch a traditional weather report. Truly one of the best weather apps for Android, The Weather Channel is free and more:

Yahoo Weather

Undoubtedly, Yahoo Weather is one of the best applications in this field. This is certainly the one that offers the best interface and many customizable widgets. One of the good ideas launched by Yahoo is to associate images directly goings of users around the world to the weather. Here is an overview: Yahoo Weather is an example of a well thought out app: its design is modern even minimalist, leaving us appreciate all the data offered by the application. Hourly temperatures, wind speed, rainfall weather, sunrise, etc. Everything is to please almost! Hats off also to the widgets that are not only numerous and varied, but also blend perfectly into the landscape.


Accuweather is not a simple Android application to handle, this is a real meteorological base, complete which will display the information you want with precision. The big advantage of AccuWeather, these are the two widgets that when they have a reasonable size to display just about anything you want. Although less harmoniously with wallpapers, widgets are still very practical than those proposed in the previous two weather applications. What are you waiting to try it?

Bright Weather

Bright Weather is a nice alternative to the Yahoo weather application: the forecasts are rarely false, updated regularly, keeping a close design (if not similar) to that of Yahoo. A nice feature is the ability to take a picture, watermark, your location and details of the day's weather. Its widget is rather simple, but functional: you can choose between the image of the day or a transparent background, depending on your screen. Despite its French creator, LevelUp Studio, we still see and always a half-English application, half French. Whatever, Bright Weather is always one of the best weather apps on Android.

Meteo France

How not to mention France Weather? The application is quite heavy and the widget, although it is well done, only displays forecasts that over 4 days, the forecasts are comprehensive: 36,000 communes, 6,000 cities worldwide and ultramarine, accuracy of 3 hours 48 hours to beaches and ski resorts and rainfall principle announced in an hour in advance, in France. The alarm clock is an original option to wake up with a kind of radio, choosing a topic and music. Météo France is one of the best weather apps on Android, so try it out immediately.

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