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Monday, April 18, 2016

15 Things You Did Not Knew About Facebook Before

15 Things You Did Not Knew About Facebook Before
15 Things You Did Not Knew About Facebook Before

This is the period. Microsoft yesterday released its financial results for the third fiscal quarter of 2016 (second calendar), and this is not the joy. The firm realizes the quarter 20.5 billion in revenue, down 6% compared to the same period last year to reach 3.7 billion net profit against 4.9 last year c is down 25%. If we go into detail, it is sad, if not the Berezina for the division telephone with 46% decrease in turnover. The situation is even more alarming in volume with 2.3 million devices sold in the quarter, or 73% less than last year and 8.6 million units. It must be said that the Lumia 950 was not a great success. An offset in part offset by the success the area range, driven by the Surface and Surface Pro 4 Book, the turnover increased by 61%.

The biggest positive is to seek in Cloud solutions such as Office 365 and Azure. It displays an insolent growth of 120% compared to last year and allows to limit the damage related to smartphones and PC market decline. The firm took the opportunity to remind Windows 10 is now installed on 270 million devices. High Mass developers approach. In less than a month, on May 18, Google I / O will open. The Mountain View company will benefit as every year to lift the veil and many projects including Android N.

In the hands of developers for several weeks, Android N should be part of the conference. Its official name will certainly be revealed and many novelties. These include an on media screens to pressure levels or a multitasking revisited with the integration of a multi-window mode / floating window like in Windows.

Virtual reality will also have a prominent place at the three-day conference including "virtual reality and cinema" and "Google's vision for VR", remember that Google should present a new virtual reality helmet line. A final important point the Tango project continues to mature. Specifically, it is a smartphone or tablet with numerous sensors to model 3D environment surrounding the device. A development kit is available for over a year, progress should be noticeable.

For the program of the Google I / O in detail, just go HERE. The FBI would have paid over one million dollars for hackers to unlock and recover data from the iPhone to one of the authors of the attack in San Bernardino. At least that's what underlying meaning, James Comey the current director of the FBI during a security conference in London.

Asked about this, he said: "Many [...] certainly more than I'm going to win until the end of this post, in seven years and four months, but in my opinion that the. worth. " The American press has not made one or two of this information, rushing to get out the calculator. James Comey key 14.900 dollars / month, the rating would be higher than $ 1.3 million. For this tidy sum, the FBI bought a procedure; they will be able to unlock in the future any other iPhone, at least until the discovery of the fault ... "We tested and tested and tested, and we bought it"

The US federal agency would have paid the price for ending the case of the iPhone to block. Therefore, the procedure of justice to Apple was abandoned. However, this case has the merit of highlighting a great contemporary debate, namely privacy and security: Recently acquired, the Opera browser is updated with a distinctly cool feature which should make life easier for more than one Internet anxious to cover our backs. On his blog, the company says have a VPN integrated directly in the latest "developers" of the browser, for free use, and easily accessible from the privacy settings.
We can then configure the connection location: USA, Germany and Canada. Three countries at the moment, hoping that more are added later. By offering this option, the browser makes of the eye to the VPN 500 million users worldwide, he explains on his blog. This represents a real interest to free itself of a network censorship and surf anonymously.

Use slightly less laudable and not exactly legal, but also very popular, a VPN provides access to the geographically restricted content, such as US television networks. In short, Opera might find here a way to conquer a large audience and nibble sensitive market shares. The thing is still in developer preview, but it is already possible to download it. You have probably noticed, the autonomy of our smartphone is more limited, rarely exceeding the day, since the search for an electrical outlet becomes a real quest. On this basis, Anker specialist battery offers a huge external battery will be able to charge your smartphone for many days, and your PC / tablet and even power a small refrigerator of camping. The perfect tool for globetrotters!

The essential accessory for frequent travelers

If the external battery mAh 10,000 or even 20,000 mAh are common, Anker breaks all records with its PowerHouse with a capacity of 120 600 mAh, enough to recharge a smartphone 40 times. It offers full connectivity with four USB 2.4 ports amps, a cigarette lighter socket and a US ... size sector. It is equipped with an LCD handy that will give you information on the state of charge of your devices or the remaining time. Finally, size is reasonable, with 20.6 x 16.51 x 14.47 cm 4 kg on the scale. It should easily find a place in your hiking bag or in your suitcase.
The latter is not currently available in the United States to the tune of 499.99 dollars. The concentration of operators with (currently) fail, they relaunched the price war to win new subscribers. After the mobile operator "without commitment" SFR attacks the fiber with the key to a discount of € 20 / month. Until May 3, RED Box offers its fiber to 9.99 € / month instead of € 29.99. A valuable discount for 1 year for this offer, which we recall, is not binding.

The features and subtleties

The box RED Fibre offers a maximum theoretical throughput of 100 Mb / s and integrates WiFi n, HD TV decoder comes with a remote control "omnidirectional with integrated QWERTY keyboard." To enjoy the TV option "by Numericable" and its 25 TV channels, Replay and the ability to stream TV on the tablet or smartphone via the SFR TV app, it will add 2 € / month. Calls to landlines in France and to 100 destinations in the world is "unlimited". Note that if the offer is non-binding, as always termination fee will to honor, in this case the cancellation fee is 49 €. A deposit of this value will be also required by the operator. SFR / RED proposes however to support the charges for canceling your old operator, a refund of up to € 100. This rebate is valid until 25 April. A price well placed for the fiber (coaxial) + an optional TV access, a free quotation with no termination fee déconnant and a refund of € 100, the RED Fibre proposal is interesting. A good map valid until May 3.

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