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Sunday, November 1, 2015

How To Control Android Device From Your Computer

How To Control Android Device From Your Computer
How To Control Android Device From Your Computer

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Taxes: mandatory online reporting for the rich

While "80% of households have an internet connection" only "40% of returns are dematerialized" laments Michel Sapin. Bercy had said: the declaration of Internet revenue will gradually become the norm. The government on Tuesday launched the 2016 campaign of the income tax, marked by a drop of two billion euros for some homes and the widespread return online, became mandatory for the wealthiest taxpayers. In all, some 37 million tax households will have to declare from Wednesday the income they earned in 2015, completing the pre-declaration received by mail or by visiting impots.gouv.fr, a supposed practice ramp up this year.

"In 2015, 14.6 million taxpayers declared online: that's progress since they were only 13 million in 2014. But this is still insufficient," said Finance Minister Michel Sapin during 'a press conference. "In the OECD countries, two thirds of statements are dematerialized, against 40% in France, while 80% of households have an internet connection," he added. To close this gap, the government decided to mandate this year télédéclaration for households whose income tax reference exceeds 40 000 euros, or 6.3 million households, according to Bercy.

A penalty of 15 euros

This threshold will be lowered to 28 000 in 2017 and 15 000 in 2018 before being abolished in 2019, when e-filing will be extended, according to Bercy. Households that do not have internet connection or not being able to make their statements online (including the elderly) may continue to use paper statements, reporting their situation to the administration. Those who refuse the télédéclaration without cause will receive a warning the first year, and then another second, before incurring a penalty of 15 euros. "We are in a persuasion mechanism of confidence," however assured Michel Sapin, before renting the "benefits" of this practice. The télédéclarants will have more time to do their télédéclaration, dates from 24 May to 7 June by the departments, on May 18 against taxpayers who use the postal service.

According Bercy, they will also receive electronically, from the statement, their opinion of declarative situation (ASDIR), to justify their income from banks and administration. According to Secretary of State for the Budget Christian Eckert-filing also enables Bercy achieve significant savings in postage. Provided however subscribe to on their personal space, the "paperless" option, that only 5 million taxpayers have at this stage. Electronic Filing should facilitate the passenger to the withholding of income tax, announced last year, and expected to come into force on 1 January 2018.

Painting discovered in an attic: an "authentic" Caravaggio, says expert

A painting discovered in the attic of a house in the southwest of France, is a work of "authentic" Italian painter Caravaggio (1571-1610), said Tuesday the expert Eric Turquin during a conference press in Paris. "This particular light, this energy typical of Caravaggio, without corrections, with a steady hand, and pictorial materials, make this picture is authentic," he told reporters Eric Turquin. On this table found in the Toulouse region, "there will be more controversial than expertise," added however the expert.

An order of the Ministry of Culture published on 31 March, "denied the export license" required for this table possibly attributed to Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio + + ". For the Ministry, the painting - Judith and Holofernes, an oil on canvas from 1600 to 1610 - deserves to be "retained the territory as a very important milestone of Caravaggio, whose career and allocation remain to deepen ".

Three weeks after the attacks that killed 32 in Brussels, the investigation continues "active day and night," the Belgian federal prosecutor, who announced Tuesday two new charges of "terrorist murder" in connection with a hideout that have served before the suicide attack on the subway. Two men are now charged with "participation in a terrorist group, terrorist murders and attempted terrorist assassinations, as author, co-author or accomplice".

F. Smail, born in 1984, and Ibrahim F., born in 1988 "would have a connection with the rental of the street address Barracks in Etterbeek", a Brussels commune says the federal prosecution. According to Belgian media, these two brothers, Smail and Ibrahim Farisi, arrested Saturday. Accommodation was raided Saturday afternoon at this address, located near the headquarters of the Belgian federal police. The result of the operation, however, proved "negative".

According to Belgian media, this hideout was the starting point on 22 March in Khalid El Bakraoui, the bomber from Maelbeek Metro Station, along with Osama Krayem, who has been arrested and charged last weekend. The two brothers have "cleaned" the apartment from the day after the attacks, said Tuesday the newspaper La Dernière Heure, in which surveillance images show the currently "moving several bags". But the account would not be there: a backpack worn by Osama Krayem be found. Investigators fear that it is full of TATP, the highly volatile explosives used by the suicide bombers of the Islamic State (EI).
Targets in France

Another concern: despite the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, a key suspect in the attacks of Paris (130 dead), his childhood friend Mohamed Abrini - "the man in the hat" for the bombing of the airport Brussels-Zaventem, also indicted in the investigation into Paris - Osama Krayem and other alleged accomplices, the jihadist network is probably not yet fully dismantled. An individual, recovered early October by Salah Abdeslam in Germany, along Krayem Osama and Ahmed A. (known by the alias Amin Choukri and arrested along qu'Abdeslam), still short.

According to the first revelations of the investigation, members of the jihadist cell in Brussels intended to strike again France, in coordination with a sponsor located in Syria, according to media. Hounded by investigators, they decided to commit their attacks rather in Brussels. Belgian federal prosecutor refuses to give any information on potential targets in Paris. It also takes careful confessions of those arrested since Friday.

Salah Abdeslam, a French 26 year old who grew up in the Brussels district of Molenbeek, was meanwhile being interrogated Tuesday in his cell in the prison of Bruges (northwest) on his role in the shooting of 15 March in the town Brussels Forest, according to Belgian media. Six policemen there had fired automatic weapons during a routine search, according to Belgian media. His lawyer Sven Mary, could not be reached Tuesday.

At Forest, an Algerian, Mohamed Belkaïd, was shot dead by police, but two men managed to escape. Salah Abdeslam is suspected to be one of them and could be charged with "attempted murder" in this case, according to the Flemish daily De Standaard, adding that it should be heard in coming days on his knowledge Brussels preparations for attacks. Another Flemish daily on Tuesday released what he presented as the "first picture" of Salah Abdeslam in prison, on which it appears surrounded the face, bearded and longer hair. Political side, the Belgian Chamber of Deputies was preparing to set up on Thursday a parliamentary inquiry into the attacks of 22 March and the "sources" of the development of Islamic radicalism in Belgium.

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