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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Get Disposable Phone Number and Temporary E-Mail Address

Get Disposable Phone Number and Temporary E-Mail Address
Get Disposable Phone Number and Temporary E-Mail Address

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If elected in 2017, Fillon promises a sharp decline in unemployment

The candidate Republicans assure that its measures on self-employment could create "a million new activities and new businesses." François Fillon, the primary candidate of the right, said that, if elected president, he could achieve with his economic program "below 7% unemployment by the end of the five-year" by presenting its measures on Tuesday self-employment. "I think we can before the end of the five-year period be below 7% unemployment," said he said during a presentation at The Spinning, space dedicated to associations working for entrepreneurship in the center of Paris.

With its measures "revolutionary," "precise" and "concrete", presented alongside Hervé Novelli, former Secretary of State for Trade and Foreign Trade, François Fillon "think we can before the end of the five-year period be below 7% unemployment. " "Everything I build the program focuses on this goal: achieving full employment," said the former prime minister, including the idea of ​​"pass the act II autoentrepreneur". The measures on self-employment could create "almost a million new activities and new businesses," he further said after visiting the scene. Francois Fillon wants to "create a legal status of independent contractor" for "autoentrepreneurs" to be "irrevocable for three years" to "avoid requalification hindering recourse" to autoentrepreneurs. It also wants to raise the "ceiling turnover" of autoentreprises and "reduce distortions of competition."

Legislative 2012: the opponent Gueant, monitored by the DGSE?

While dissident candidate against the Minister of the Interior, Thierry Solère was touted by the Foreign Intelligence during the campaign. The means of the DGSE (General Directorate for External Security) were they used for monitoring phones and the Internet address of Thierry Solère during the 2012 legislative? Le Monde in its edition dated April 13, reveals he has "been able to establish that the means of the DGSE were used, out of control, to monitor Thierry Solère dissenting candidate." He was the rival to the right of Interior Minister Claude Gueant in the Hauts-de-Seine. This close to Bruno Le Maire, the general counsel time of Hauts-de-Seine, was excluded from the UMP early 2012 when he announced his intention to present a dissenting candidature face ex-minister Interior who was supported by the party. He was reinstated in February 2013 at the UMP, now Republicans.

"His phones and IP address have indeed been spied upon exclusion of the UMP, March 20, 2012. The monitoring was interrupted after the chance discovery of its existence by the technical department of the DGSE" says the daily, that "physical surveillance" was even requested a lieutenant colonel of the DGSE, a finally abandoned application.
Guéant denies the affair

According to Thierry Solère, quoted by Le Monde, a meeting was held on January 4 with Claude Guéant Place Beauvau: the interior minister and one of his advisers he "made to understand that if I withdrew, I could be find my account, which for me was irrelevant. " Monde, he states that "if confirmed, I am not only surprised but shocked. This is very serious. I knew the outgoing MP and Mayor of Boulogne-Billancourt (Pierre-Christophe Baguet, which supported Claude Gueant, Ed) would do anything to make me lose, but it was for me a political fight. "

Asked by the newspaper, former interior minister denies the affair: "This strictly told me nothing, and it is against my principles. I have never made such request to anyone. I was Minister of the Interior and as I had no authority over the DGSE "under the Ministry of Defence, a portfolio held by Gérard Longuet at the time. François Fillon, prime minister at the time, said Tuesday he had "no reaction to information that I discovered" on the sidelines of a visit to an area dedicated to associations working for entrepreneurship in Paris.

Air Cocaine: Christophe Naudin considering action against Interpol

Counsel for the French criminologist held in the Dominican Republic calls into question the legality of the red notice, which led to the arrest of his client. For over two months the French criminologist sleeping cell. After a very grueling detention in Egypt, Christophe Naudin was finally extradited to the Dominican Republic, where he was imprisoned for several weeks in high-security unit. Man charged with trafficking in migrants, was sentenced at the beginning of March to three months in custody. An improbable charge leader who legitimized his extradition, which should allow the Dominican Republic to try him for his role in the exfiltration to France two pilots Ai deal.

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