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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Best Online Jobs In Pakistan Without Investment

Best Online Jobs In Pakistan Without Investment
Best Online Jobs In Pakistan Without Investment

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best online jobs in pakistan without registration fee
best online jobs in pakistan without registration fee

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free online jobs in pakistan for students

PC sales to a record low

Business: The demand for PCs continues to fall and global shipments of computers plunged by 9.6% in the first quarter of 2016, falling below 65 million units. A first since 2007. No, and analysts were not error, the recovery in global PC market is not for now. The first three months of 2016 is thus marked by a sharp decline in deliveries -9.6%. Gartner estimates that global shipments to 64.8 million units. The first time the market has fallen below the threshold of 65 million PC was in 2007. In other words, computer purchases continue to sink.

And this trend is global. In the US, the decline was 6.6% and the market reached its lowest level in three years. In Asia / Pacific, the decline was 5.1% and 10% in EMEA. Consumers prefer such longer keep their computers or postpone their spending on other computing devices. This is especially true in developing countries where the smartphone is the priority.

Innorobo 2016: humanoids or exoskeletons, what model for the sector?

Technology: On the occasion of the upcoming Innorobo room, he presented his program and speakers at the Cité des Sciences. And two very different approaches differed, with one hand humanoids of the company Aldebaran and the other exoskeletons of RB3D. "Our belief is that if we want the robots are everywhere, the humanoid form is the most suitable" explains Julien Seret, VP Enterprise at Aldebaran. "In business, the term delegate tasks including Home and many tasks related to customer relationship," he says.

The new argument Aldebaran in the matter is his robot Pepper, a new humanoid model already introduced in Asia and the company now intends to introduce in Europe. A corollary of this strategy humanoid form, Aldebaran has developed particular emotion recognition tools, but also intends to rely on the community to continue to develop its robots. "Our model is to Fournier hardware and operating system, but it intends to develop a community of third-party developers who will be responsible for developing their own applications for robots," explains Julien Seret. An approach which therefore requires a critical mass of users and pushes for now Aldebaran to sell off its machines to ensure maximum presence from users.

Cobotics against robotics?

Given this approach, difficult not to note the radically opposite path taken by the RB3D society. This French company is focused on development of exoskeletons and what he calls "the cobotics. "Behind this term lies a very different philosophy from that chosen by Aldebaran and androids: RB3D not placed on the development of humanoid robots, but opted for a utilitarian approach where the robot comes assist the movement of the user without replace them completely. Hence the development of their project exoskeletons, called Hercules, as part of a public private partnership with the DGA RAPID. "This project pushes us to develop technology called" dual “that is to say that can be used by the civilian world as well as by the military" says Serge Grygorowicz, founder of the company.

The opportunity to test RB3D eg its exoskeletons directly on the ground in the construction sector, to assist the workers in charge of tasks such as the display of bitumen rake. And the first tests do not reveal themselves as successful as hoped, as explained Grygorowicz. "We realized that our approach was not ideal: the machine was heavy, complex and disruptive to users. We reached the conclusion that perhaps had made a mistake by choosing to develop anthropomorphic exoskeleton and we gave everything flat. "

Lesson learned for V4 project: it is still thought to facilitate the charging port, but adopts a simpler design, less cumbersome and less disruptive to the user. The Hercules project, for the moment still in prototype stage, is scheduled to be launched on the market by 2017. Serge Grygorowicz said its models cost slightly less than 20,000 euros per unit, a significantly larger sum than Pepper Aldebaran robots, sold just under $ 1,600 to their output.

A market that is still looking

Two fundamentally different approaches that show that the robotics industry, growing, is still looking. Innorobo no mistake and boasts the variety of exhibitors. "This is a transverse technology which is designed to affect multiple sectors," explains Catherine Simon, President of InnoEcho, the organizer of the event. In 2014, the robotics market was valued at $ 669 million according to figures from the IFR, but the sector still faces many obstacles to its development. "One of the main problems is the lack of business models for these companies, and the lack of qualified integrators able to tailor solutions to meet specific business needs," continues Catherine Simon. In the field of robotics, all shots are therefore still to play.

Advent of PC Linux: Linus Torvalds is still working

Technology: Linux does dominate the PC sometime? Why not by Linus Torvalds. The kernel creator still intends to work there the next 25 years. However, no question of speaking of a Linux failure. Linux working the job he will know in the future his day of glory in terms of adoption? Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, does not give up the dream, even if he is careful to set a deadline for its implementation. Speaking at the Embedded Linux Conference, Torvalds was optimistic about the idea that Linux can become a dominant player on the PC desktop. And he is prepared to spend the next 25 years trying to get there.

"I'm really happy of the Linux desktop"

"Obviously I'd like Linux also dominates the world" he said. "But it turns out that this is a very difficult area in which to enter. I'm still working. It has been for 25 years. I can do it for another 25." But also Linux PC is not widespread, particularly among the general public, does not mean that the OS is a failure. "I'm really very happy with the Linux desktop, and I started the project for my own needs and my needs are fully satisfied. That's why, for me, this is not a failure," insists Linus Torvalds.

However, it is not concerned only instead of Linux on PCs. On the occasion of the conference Embedded Linux, it also highlighted the successes in the embedded and coming in the IoT. On security, he was less optimistic, however. Blame including manufacturers. "In theory, open source can be corrected. In practice, sellers will get in the way," he considers.


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