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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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Windows 10 Password Reset USB Stick

New Songs 2016 Pakistan Super League 2016 Live Streaming

It must be love! Only hörnt US basketball star Nick Young his girlfriend Iggy Azalea with a - unfortunately becoming public knowledge - affair. Now she thanks him for me drastic words with him. In a radio interview with the station Wild 94.1, which is pending before US portal "TMZ", made the singer more than clear that they would not forgive a Young repeated misstep. "Even some little thing and I'll cut a quarter of your penis off", she said there toward her partner. For his unfaithfulness they finally have no understanding. "I have a verbal agreement with you, which is that you marry me" Azalea explained further directed to the 30-year-olds. This agreement would also include, not "something of these other things" to do.

"Nick and I do us good"

Young and the 25-year-olds are engaged since mid, 2015. He had proposed to her during celebrations for his 30th birthday on June 1. A few months later, however, came to light that the Lakers star had an affair with a 19-year-olds. After a few turbulent months and recurrent reigniting separation rumors Azalea moved in early April via Twitter statement: "Nick and I do us good." From a Love From despite the missteps So (now) no question. Azalea mixes since 2013 the international charts. With the song "Work" they placed the first time in the charts. With "Fancy" the rapper stormed in 2014 to the top of the US charts. Another year later, she sang a duet with Britney Spears the title "Pretty Girls".

But not only with their music, the Australian-born and again creating headlines. You like to zofft also times publicly with fellow musicians like Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg or even Spears, who gave it a blame for the fact that the commercial success of "Pretty Girls" fell short of expectations. In addition, recently made repeatedly reports about the cosmetic surgery the round, which Azalea has undergone. "I do not think you should be ashamed if you can change something in itself," the singer admitted the intervention.

Reality television Lady Carmen Geiss and rapper Kay One who made it to the test: In the past year, the two were secretly together in the studio to record the theme song for the newly tarnished season of "The Geissens". But that was thoroughly in the pants. If one believes Kay One, was not due to him. "With Carmen I have in the studio getting gray hair," said the rapper in an interview with the newspaper "Bild".

The 31-year-old musician and his 50-year-old counterpart had "Around the World with Robert" tries on a song entitled - but according to Kay One could Geiss "the song not just sing". Also all attempts to save what could be saved, failed. "We have mixed a little after the recordings, but the results do not not like it. The next version again," said the rapper in the "image" -Gespräch.

Carmen Geiss sees the whole course completely different. She blames Kay One. In the eyes of the native Kölnerin this "the song not well implemented" have. You do not recognize her voice on it again, which is also her husband Robert Geiss had noticed. "The thing is for a ton!" Is their indictment of the track.

After the unsuccessful studio session seems to have no effect on the good relationship between Geiss and Kay One. "To maintain our friendship, we let it be easy" are the conciliatory words of the rapper. Theme song for "The Geissens" was ultimately "What does the world" - a sung by Carmen Geiss cover version of Madonna's "Material Girl". Megan Fox is pregnant. The reports not only the "People" magazine, citing unnamed sources. At an event in Las Vegas could already clearly see the baby bump under her black Versace dress. It is now third child for the 29-year-old actress.

On the CinemaCon in the player city Fox was promoting with co-star Will Arnett their new film "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out Of The Shadows", which will be launched in August in theaters. The strip is the sequel to the first "Ninja Turtles" -Streifens 2014, in which Fox had already slipped into the role of reporter April O'Neil. The stories about the battle-tested turtles based on a comic book series, which already successfully flickered in the 80s and 90s, an animated series on the screens.

Fox is already the mother of three-year Noah and the two-year Bodhi. Father of two is estranged husband Brian Austin Green. In August, the actress had filed for divorce from the former "Beverly Hills, 90210" actor. The couple were together eleven years married five of them. However, Fox and Green were reportedly spotted in recent weeks more frequently together. As it was not in a dance song of the 90s? "Max do not have sex with your ex!" The actress became famous by the "Transformers" series seems to have perhaps not heeded. Why should they? Not finally - On "Fox" rhymes the aphorism - unlike "Max".

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