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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Slimjet The Fastest Web Browser With Anti Tracking Technology

Slimjet The Fastest Web Browser With Anti Tracking Technology
Slimjet The Fastest Web Browser With Anti Tracking Technology

New Songs 2016 Pakistan Super League 2016 Live Streaming

Held to a 2-2 draw in the first leg, the Parisians will have to show a better face tonight to keep their chances of finishing in the last four. Finally in the last four of the Champions League: it is the major objective of the Paris SG this season. But for this, players Laurent Blanc will win tonight at Etihad Stadium against Manchester City or to a draw having scored at least two goals. The Paris coach led the entire roster for the trip.

Nevertheless, everything suggests that its key element, Marco Verratti, will not hold. At the last training, the Italian international has made only a few races and has not even participated in the classic-holders replacements opposition. In the second round return against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, he was dropped but could hold its own while delivering excellent score. And, in his absence, PSG game level has seriously declined against the Citizens there a week with this 2-2 draw complicated.
Pastore holder?

However, Javier Pastore could he, be aligned input. The Argentine also returned from injury but was more than Verratti in training yesterday. His tenure would put Lucas on the bench or Cavani and might even encourage the Parisian coach to put Di Maria in midfield. About Serge Aurier, Laurent Blanc has confirmed he did not regret his choice for putting on the lawn at the kickoff. Will he again holds today? The former Toulouse player needs and pace of playing time but has not played a single minute this weekend against Guingamp.

Side Manchester City, the team can count on the return of Yaya Toure injured his leg and is now restored. Jesus Navas could be the main victim of the comeback of the Ivorian. So, Kevin De Bruyne, who scored the Parc des Princes it a week ago, could be shifted to the right side to leave the position of playmaker Yaya Toure.

 Iraq: the terrifying stories of the survivors of the organization Islamic State

While IE is losing ground in Iraq and Syria, the IDP camps in Iraq see an influx of families trapped for nearly two years. "As soon as I knew they were free, I asked permission one day ... I just arrived today! "Jalal, an Iraqi soldier 30 years, displayed a wide smile that softens his angular face. He dropped the uniform and radiant, carries his five children and his wife clinging to his arm, his legs and his back. There are four months Jalal had managed to flee his village controlled by the EI. But not his family, trapped. There are ten days the Iraqi army has opened a corridor late March, during the first phase of the offensive on Mosul, the capital of the organization Islamic State in Iraq. In three weeks, 2,400 civilians and fled the combat zones and territories subject to Daech. Iraqi Kurdistan (4.5 million), which hosts already 1 million displaced Iraqis and nearly 500 000 refugees, mainly Syrian, might as well reap 600,000 more after the battle Mosul, according to the UN.

Jalal is mere foot soldier. Before 2014, he wore another uniform, that of police officer for nine years. Then the jihadists have arrived, and summoned his colleagues to lay down their arms and submit to a humiliating apology session with small heads of the terrorist group, who promised them in return to leave them alone. This has not prevented the arrest and disappearance of his captain, probably executed. The young officer had foreseen: it is directly spent in hiding. "We spent two years locked up at 40 in our homes," says the mother of Jalal black veil. His son said: "Women had to wear the niqab and gloves to go out. At the slightest mistake, it was a fine or punishment. "

The young head of the family finally managed to join a cousin, an officer in the Iraqi Shiite militias, the Popular Mobilization Forces. Early 2016, his wife has just given birth, it may leak. At night, he sneaks to the lines of the peshmerga, the Kurdish soldiers stand Makhmour. And embarks immediately for Kirkuk, where he agrees.

In March, begins the battle of Makhmour. At the signal, 23 members of the Jalal family fled in their turn and walked for 8 hours, nearly 10 kilometers in single file, on a floor they feared being paved with mines. All reached Makhmour healthy and sound, and are now meeting Debaga camp on the road to Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. 520 other families have come here a dozen still arrive daily.

In all camps in the region, and land daily survivors, signed between the cracks. Further north, in a camp near the city of Duhok, in a common room in blocks, built between tent groups, Fabricio, volunteer firefighter emergency International (PUI), is working with scissors, "We made with the means at hand, "he repeats. His first patient is a 38 year old woman, arrived there a few days left leg in plaster. Fabrice gradually opening the resin too tight chest, his colleague Philippe disinfects the little swollen toe. In late March, mysterious smugglers have carried well without crutches from Raqqa, Syria. His leg was broken during an Allied bombing, assures the woman treated by PUI. The plaster Helin - for his safety, his real name - was asked by Daech doctors a few weeks earlier. The most human gesture of his jailers, in 20 months of captivity.
Forcibly married, raped, ruined

It is Yezidi and once lived in the mountain of Sinjar, where lived the greater part of the Kurdish religious minority, massacred during the conquests of EI in August 2014. She spent months locked up with hundreds of women and children in improvised prisons and then in a basement before being suddenly released. Of his seven children, three are not there, his two sons and his daughter of fifteen, just like her husband. Does she know what became of them? " I do not know. "She burst into tears. In other villages as his, the men were executed. All young women were captured, they, were sold to buyers or offered to jihadists.

That's what happened to Fahima and her sister-Parwen, sitting in front of their tent side by side, just outside the camp. Deported in the Aleppo region, Parwen was given to a Syrian and a Tunisian. "The first was atrocious, the second a little better. "Both have abused her. With an Arab neighbor had taken of friendship for her, and her cousin passer, she escaped through Turkey in August, 2015.

Fahima, she was placed in an Iraqi in the region of Ramadi, in central Canada. The jihadist died last January in a bombing. She stayed with the family of the deceased. She, too, managed to escape, mid-March. His son Saif was only 4 years during removal. "He no longer speaks Kurdish. (...) We lived with a family who spoke Arabic and were forced to do the same. "Upon his return, the child would have treated even members of his own family of" infidels. " Fahima went with him to the temple of Lalish, the parent of the Yezidi religion, to be baptized and to purify itself the source of the sanctuary. In seven months, Parwen has not yet had the time or resources. They still have each of thousands of dollars, advanced by relatives to finance their escape.

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