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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Keep Facebook Photos Organized In One Private Place

Keep Facebook Photos Organized In One Private Place
Keep Facebook Photos Organized In One Private Place

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Ed O'Neill, Ed O'Neill, ... who was that again? Oh, that's Al Bundy, the man of the sex-crazed Peg, father of Dumpfbacke Kelly and Bud, the dumb Sohnemann. Ed O'Neill, who has sold as "Al Bundy" Shoes and burps and like depends on the couch in front of the telly and only in the original by his full name - Albert - was called (always when Peg really meant!) who allegedly received $ 500,000 per episode at the end of his series career and has far more on the box to pull out as the shoehorn. Ed O'Neill 70 years old today. Before he started through as an actor Ed O'Neill worked as a steelworker, bartender, used car dealers and social studies teacher. but he wanted to come out really large as football player: He went to the 1969 Pittsburgh Steelers. His career there however did not last long - after the trial was over.

Here Ed O'Neill is actually on resistance, at least in terms what newspapers. He reads for 20 years the same copy in his TV shows. How attentive TV viewers noticed, he sits both as Al Bundy in "Married with Children" as well as Jay Pritchett in "Modern Family" with the same sheet since. In "Miami Vice", the newspaper played probably not matter. In the hit series O'Neill had one of his first major appearances, in the second episode called "pact with the devil" ( "Heart of Darkness"), the 1984 first aired. O'Neill is the fact an undercover cop who falls in the wake of the crime.

That he then came out big with "Married with Children", he owes especially enemies of the series. There was letter campaigns and calls for a boycott, people complained about the content and the family hostility of the show. Thereby this got so much attention that it eventually became a real success. To get the role of Al Bundy, Ed O'Neill had to do not much. When auditioning he should run through the door of the Bundy house. Before he came, he was reportedly easy shoulders slumped and sighed dejectedly. And he had the job.

As women's shoe salesman Ed O'Neill earned good money then: to end the series back he should have, according to US media reports, received more than 500,000 dollars per episode. At that time he was thus one of the highest-paid TV stars. Ed O'Neill also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - lying in front of a shoe store. After the end of "Married with Children" he revealed also that he did not get along with Amanda Bearse - the actress played the role of Marcy.

Speaking Series End: Ed O'Neill learned of allegedly on vacation. He is said to have heard the conversation of a couple who talked about a newspaper article in which it came to the removal of the show. To thank for the information, he paid them a meal, they say. Ed O'Neill can not only play. He has a black belt in the martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He trained for almost 15 years for this milestone of his sporting career. As for married life, Ed O'Neill has also privately abundant experience. Since 1986 he has been with the actress Catherine Rusoff which was also seen in two episodes of "Married with Children" Married. In 1989 the couple separated temporarily, but found again in 1993 together.

"What's better than a good meal?" Asks Restauranttester Rach the landlady of the "Gut Porz". The is a bit bedröppelt beside him and knows to this question no answer. "Tell me!", She asks the palate friend. "Two good food," says Rach and would be as if he had just taken care of the Schenkelklopfer the season. we spiders times further: What's better than two good food? Well, friends of home cooking? Exactly: three good meal, a dessert and a bottle of bubbly. Of course, on the house! The joke could until the trouser button chipping be weitergeblödelt, but this is no time for Rach must test the various menus eventually. Question: How much kilo of food whistles which spread throughout the day, a fact? And how to make it anyway, apart from a minimal approach Plauze under pink sweater to stay so slim?

Looking for Germany's favorite restaurant have managed three totally different Local category "German cuisine" shortlisted. Included are the star restaurant "Elements" in Dresden, the troops from the "1643" in Rietberg and the traditional inn "Gut Porz". Now we have against each other, and to prove the Schlemmer by those that are called "Germany's favorite restaurant" deserves to right.
Guests who go each on the laces

For Rach ordered in all three taverns the map up and down and eats through absolute grenades menus. Because he does not want to make it easy to shops, finally is not only good food, but the whole package, he had also hired undercover guests who are to make the service wuschig: Chinese tourists, a seven-member group of hikers along with Bello and scratched girls who can not decide. "I would like a Fanta, no not, prefer a water! And, actually Frolleinchen, you were so kind and would bring me instead of sweet potatoes chervil vegetables? And a bone for the dog! And, and, and, and .. . "

Difficult guests are stressful and annoying, but a favorite restaurant has the worst Kackbratzen endure and be able to master. A waiter must not let on when the guest leaves him on the laces. remain friendly, stay calm, nodding, grinning - professionalism in Combination with warmth makes a Favorite Restaurant. There can in "Elements" in Dresden not necessarily be any question. Although Rach patronize the deer tartare and the lens soup extraordinarily and the kitchen therefore does a good job, there's the service deficits. The undercover guests, a group demanding hikers, keep the waiters are so busy that it is rude and even behind the scenes swears like a fishwife, "I can not conjure yes"

The owners of Star Laden are in power, that they consider summarily, put the oh so "difficult guest" on a "blacklist" and to give them banned. Due to an ordered water tray and dog bone for Hasso? Hello? This is, however, deductions in the B-Note!

To such considerations, the "Gut Porz" definitely needs to worry about. The inn does not only offer an impeccable carpaccio cheese balls and truffle oil, but also with pure warmth and vitality. The guest can immediately feel the passion to fulfill the service thought the "good Porzer". No one complains, no one is soggy, everything is going like hot cakes. Since it also does not itch that waitress Vicky so nervous, because dozens of cameras rumfuchteln front of them, promptly forgets what is a winter cod. Totally not care, mainly tastes the delicacy! can annoy the waiter you can safely stay - the 'Porzer "can be anything or anyone get out of expediency!
Germany united Schnitzel Country

The same Praise also the "1643". The appointed from critics Zander "fried perfectly", the root vegetable is "nice crisp" and the carrot-ginger soup tastes as it looks. Small drawback: The boss can be unsettling to easily Rach. When Schupfnudeltest he can be persuaded that shaped treats by hand would be a "bit too salty", although they are actually perfect. Hey, boss, you be quiet a little more confident, otherwise bathe your employees soon without asking your sauteuren truffle oil!

But a hurdle must master all three restaurants together, and that put a 1a- Jägerschnitzel for Rachs drenched throat! True to the motto: Germany united Schnitzel country orders the Schupfnudelprobierer the classic breaded dish with mushroom sauce, even if it is not on the map! Chefs who turn freely now, have a problem. Although all master the Extrawurst with flying colors, it is ultimately the warm country inn "Gut Porz" from Ratingen, who in the Category: reaps the laurels German cuisine. Next week, it's the Italians to the collar. This will show whether Guiseppes "Amicis" have what it takes to leave by popping the taste buds of the critic.

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