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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Important Tips For Pakistanis Who Want To Earn Money Online

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Best online earning sites In Pakistan
Best online earning sites In Pakistan

The SanDisk Extreme SSD 900 Portable is a more powerful version and a little more expensive SSD Samsung Portable T3. It is extremely fast, compatible with USB 3.1 and USB-C. It comes with two USB cables (USB-C standard) which allows it to operate with the existing equipment and future. It is available in three versions of 480, 960 GB and 1.92 TB found on the Internet at respective rates of 320, 520 and 845 euros.

In terms of size, the 900 Portable SSD is in the dimensions of a model such as the My Passport from Western Digital. But it is four times larger than the Samsung T3 while offering maximum storage capacity lower (1.92 against TB 2 TB). Both models share a resistant shell shock combining aluminum and rubber. We tried dropping the unit on a carpet without affecting its operation. SanDisk is sold with a 3 year warranty, what we consider a little short for a top model.

The device comes pre-formatted in exFAT, which allows it to run directly on Windows and Mac. A pre-installed security software can protect data with 128-bit AES encryption. Be careful not to lose the password if you enable this feature, because otherwise you will no longer have access to your data.

The 900 Portable is equipped with a USB-C port, but it is also compatible with USB 3.1 with a maximum transfer rate announced 10 Gbit / s. It comes with two USB cables: a USB Full-C for PCs already equipped with this connector, such as the new MacBook and a USB to USB A C compatible with all USB ports. We tested the 1.92 TB version that has really been very quick, but hardly more than the Samsun T3. In USB 3.1, we achieved a speed of 313 MB / s write and 269 MB / s read. USB 3.0, we were at 156 MB / s write and 260 MB / s read. Note that it is far from 850 MB / s announced by SanDisk. The fact remains that this SSD is one of the fastest on the market.

The Samsung SSD T3 Portable as the SanDisk Extreme 900 are two excellent external storage devices. This is mainly on the size they differ. Choose SanDisk if you like a record that is impressive while Samsung will best suit those who want something discreet and very portable.
This also has the advantage of offering a little more storage capacity (2 TB 1.92 against TB). Moreover, the 1 TB version of the Samsung costs a hundred euros less than the model 960 GB SanDisk. In the end, here we have two excellent products and the choice is primarily a matter of taste.

Wiko has become accustomed to announce several smartphones at the same time, it does not change its habits with 5 phones in the living room # DISTREE Connectdays which opened yesterday. After an overview Barcelona, ​​here in detail Wiko Fever "Special Edition" Feel U, U Feel Lite, Tommy and lenny3.

The phosphorescent Fever has a right to a rehash. This special edition differs from the first model with new finishes. Optionally we can have a back side brushed metal, wood or fabric. The other innovation is to look at the software with a "Smart Left Page" that provides access to 80% of the most used functions of a smartphone dixit brand. The mobile now on Android 6 as its new comrades elsewhere. Otherwise, the features do not move. Count 249 euros.

Then comes the range U with U Feel (in photo above) and U Feel Lite that "[offer] a new way to use your smartphone: YOUR way," explains (case sensitive) the brand in a statement . The phone offers a configurable fingerprint sensor to be able to launch applications based on the finger with which the touch. Something already on the Honor 5X and do not add much to use. The terminals are available in a range of colors.

In terms of specifications, Wiko and summarizes:

U Feel

Screen 5 "HD IPS
13MP main camera
5MP front camera with flash.
Quad-Core 1.3 GHz processor with 3GB RAM
16 GB memory,
Micro SD slot
Dual SIM; 4G LTE.
Price: 199.99 euros.

The Lite version retrieves much of the data sheet, with only 2 GB and a rear sensor 8 mpx. Count this time 169.99 euros.


More entry level, Tommy is powered by a quad-core processor at 1.3 GHz at least age since we still have ARM Cortex-A7 processors, we will console saying it is signed Qualcomm. There is also a 5-inch IPS screen 1280 x 720, a main camera of 8 mpx and 5 mpx front. It supports 4G LTE and battery 2500mAh displays. The internal memory - expandable - is 8 GB and 1 GB of RAM is present. All this will cost 129.99 euros

Lenny 3

Third edition for the very entry level Lenny, who do not always win the support of 4G. The 5-inch IPS screen is HD, the sensors 8 and 5 mpx mpx, storage of 16 GB (expandable). We have not included the same chip as the Tommy with 1GB of RAM and also a 2000 mAh battery. Expect to 99.99 euros.

Except for the Fever "SE" will happen in early May, all terminals will be sold at the end of spring.

Published earlier this week, Microsoft's roadmap us some surprises. Based on Windows 10, it lists the next features of the operating system. Apart from new products announced during the Build conference, there are some unexpected features.
New identification system

Windows 10 will soon include an identification system to unlock its session with a smartphone. A feature that is not limited to Windows Phones. The group says it will also be compatible with Android, even with certain objects connected as the Band 2.

Improved compatibility for Continuum

The company also plans to make Continuum compatible with touch screens. In addition to the possibility to control applications via a touch interface, several docks for smartphones, the paces of laptops, may emerge. In addition, a new feature will allow a PC to use the screen of another computer.

Notifications of Edge and evolve Cortona

Microsoft Edge-side browser, note that it will not be necessary to have a tab at the site so that it sends you notifications. Cortona will meanwhile its notifications displayed in Action Center PC. Finally, Microsoft is also working on a method for displaying applications in a corner of the screen. For now, we do not know if these new features will be included in the updated Windows 10 anniversary planned for this summer. And besides, Microsoft reserves the right to cancel certain features.

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