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Thursday, October 29, 2015

How To Secure Your Wireless Router

How To Secure Your Wireless Router
How To Secure Your Wireless Router

New Songs 2016 Pakistan Super League 2016 Live Streaming

Now we have to have to be strong for Disney nostalgics. With the atmosphere of "The Bare Necessities" film version of Rudyard Kipling's "Jungle Book", the remake of the classic about as much similarity as winter with summer temperatures. Yet Jon Favreau's "The Jungle Book" is an appropriately respectful nod to the animated movie musical. Meanwhile, flaky, swinging charm has since the appearance in 1967 legendary 27 million moviegoers and not in experience to be brought number of DVD buyers several generations charms loud Disney in Germany alone. Prompt multiply before the theatrical release on Thursday, the Early-was-all-better-voices castigate the gloom and the pace of Favreau's action spectacle.

But even if the world was fluffy almost 50 years ago, which may be blamed on Brussels, in view of the cold war or the student revolt, it can never hurt to small (in this case, prefer not very small) as big moviegoers vorzusetzen differentiated characters - and there has the new "Jungle Book" much more to offer than the cute-cute Mogli saga of yesteryear.

Balu is a thoroughly opportunistic character

Balu example, the bear, who was only known as loafers and jazz fan, shows itself as opportunistic, the hero Mowgli in the honey crop for his purposes instrumentalisierender character. Monkey Chef King Louie, whose song "I'd like to like you" in the jungle adventure consistently inconsistent not applied as a musical as well as heard Balu "The Bare Necessities", grows on the format of a despot. Banana throwing and dancing with the butt wiggle as once the animated Louie not his thing. This king will gain power over the "red flower," the fire of people because his desire to overcome the animal existence, at least as great as his claim to power.

And the elephants, which were formerly the dimwitted bumpkin of Indian jungle in Colonel Hathi's Elephant Patrol are now depicted as mythical creator of the world, which bow down all creatures. As Favreau it hinbekommt, anyway Moglis special encounter with an elephant Boy 1967 quote, that's elegant. However the Broad developmental history are identical, which also tells Mowgli fatherly friend, the panther Bagheera (voice: Joachim Krol). The foundling grows up with a pack of wolves. Tiger Shere Khan (voice: Ben Becker), a "Maneater", wants the hated human boy to the loincloth. To protect him, to Baghira makes with Mowgli to the man village. But there will partout not out of, even if he feels notoriously excluded if its otherness from the animals.

That the act and talk like people is getting used to in the first fifteen minutes. Although in "The Jungle Book" nothing but the actor Neel Sethi is real to write compared to the animal characters in a not particularly charismatic Mogli, the computer-animated setting acts unreachable genuine. 100 000. Photos from the Indian jungle underlie the green thicket of trees, mosses, ferns, lianas. And arise from the 70 animal species are particularly the so well made in this brilliant combination of real and animated film with fur, like in the first place since man and Tiger saga "Life of Pi" 2013 technically possible.

It's almost impossible to distinguish real from artificial worlds

Given this rapid development, which will make it impossible soon to distinguish real beings and worlds of computer-generated, one would like to ask the dear old "Jungle Book" in 1967 almost but protected species. A stupid idea, hereby was also nothing really. Apart from the truth, of course, lies in harmonious characters and a well-told story. Although it is well known and clearly trimmed to overwhelming show values ​​in "The Jungle Book." - What happens rarely enough - convince dramatically finally in 3-D

Meanwhile, next, this time British interpretation is actually already in production: Warner Brothers brings 2018 filming the movies. Directed by Andy Serkis, who as a chimpanzee actor in "Planet of the Apes - Revolution" has already considerable experience. Investment in conservation can be worth quite. This is a case of Spain. The holdings of the Iberian lynx, the rarest cat in the world, will recover - albeit slowly. Funded by the European Union with millions of species protection program to save this wild cat, which can be up to 20 kilos and about one meter long, has success. "This is a glimmer of hope for one of the world's most threatened mammals ever," says Moritz Klose from the conservation organization WWF.

But the inventory is not yet secured and still stand on the brink. "Danger! Animal Crossing Zone of lynx ", warning signs on roads leading through southern Spain Doñana Natural Park. This natural paradise in the region of Andalusia is one of the most important refuges of the Iberian lynx. And the traffic on the roads is one of his great enemies. 51 of these noble beasts with brown-black patterned fur were run over in the last three years. A disaster for the stock of these shy wild cats, of which currently only about 400 copies live: most in Spain, and a few in Portugal.

Nevertheless, the existence of the Iberian lynx, which is related to the slightly larger Eurasian lynx, increased during the past years. What is mainly due to that breeding and species protection program, operate the nature conservation organizations, governments and the European Union for years? This includes the suspension of pups that were born in breeding centers. The establishment of secure wildlife crossings on roads where wild bridges and underpasses were built. As well as the fencing of particularly dangerous sections of road.
Without rabbits no lynx

In 2000, when no more than 100 of these Iberian Wildcats, which are also called Iberian lynx, roamed southern Spain, suspected many that the animal would soon die. But now the population has quadrupled. It succeeded, the lynx even in northern Spain and in Portugal to resettle. But in 2015 the stock has increased by around 80 animals. At the same time ensuring that this predator that hunts most like wild rabbits, sufficient food finds. Because that is another big problem.

The Kaninchenpest (myxomatosis) has been decimated in recent decades the stock of prey animals. "Without rabbits, no lynx", the experts say. Why now are a lot of wild rabbits exposed in the Lynx districts to improve the nutritional status of the lynx? And to avoid that they leave their territories and have to go through the civilization to dangerous wandering. How far a hungry Iberian lynx attracts to find a good hunting ground, the scientists found two pups, which were fitted with small radio transmitters exposed in central Spain. The two siblings with the name Kahn and Kentaro went their separate ways, crossed roads, highways, and swam rivers and even dams. Months later, they were, some 800 kilometers away from each other, localized again: Kahn in southern Portugal and Kentaro in the northern Spanish red wine region Rioja.

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