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Saturday, October 31, 2015

How To Remove Facebook Virus Or Unwanted Apps

How To Remove Facebook Virus Or Unwanted Apps
How To Remove Facebook Virus Or Unwanted Apps

New Songs 2016 Pakistan Super League 2016 Live Streaming

Pedestrian reversed: 5,000 euro fine against required Benoît Magimel

VIDEO. The actor is believed to have overturned car in a pedestrian mid-March in Paris, while his license was canceled. Neither hit and run, or aggravating circumstance of driving without a license: the prosecution has revised minimum charges against the actor Benoît Magimel, held Tuesday for a pedestrian knocked down mid-March in Paris, demanding a sentence of 5000 euro fine. The prosecutor also asked for a year's suspension of driving license against the actor, who just won the César Award for Best Supporting Actor. The decision must be made on May 24 "He came down, he was concerned, a witness said that Mr. Magimel said he was embarrassed, he left and came back, he contacts the fire department: all pleads for release (the hit and run), "considered the representative of the charge, thus spreading the most infamous charge against the actor.

The event took place on March 11 in the sixteenth arrondissement of Paris. The actor was driving a rental vehicle when it overturned a 62 year old woman performing a reverse. The victim, who has rolled over the foot and lost his balance, was recognized for five days of total incapacity to work (ITT) for multiple abrasions and bruises. "I was devastated, I was really worried about this lady," he told the actor to the criminal court, gray suit and white shirt, blond hair parted on the side, came to Paris courthouse surrounded by his companion and professional communication. During the accident, after firefighters arrived but before the police, the actor had gone home, a few hundred meters from the accident.

The witnesses then told investigators the driver's identity. He had launched the onlookers: "I'm not Magimel, I'm his brother." In court, the actor said: "It happens to me to do when people congregate behind me and take pictures with their phones." The prosecutor knights: "Anyway, it does not dispute that his name Magimel."
"A lot of shame"

The police had then visited the home of actor and, in his absence, had filed a summons. Benoît Magimel had gone three hours later at the police station, where he was placed in custody. But his name had appeared on the register of driving license canceled. But he had knowledge? "For eight months I no longer opens my mail," repeated the actor at the helm. "Anyway, we see that it is not his signature on the receipt (of the notice of cancellation of license), you will remove this aggravating circumstance," urges the prosecutor. By dropping the second charge, the prosecution holds since unintentional injuries and drug abuse: the actor had indeed tested positive for cocaine and heroin at his arrival at the police.

"Yes, I made a mistake, yes, I committed an imprudence," replied the actor to the first charge. In the second, it evokes "a single consumer with great shame." "When I got home, after that, that pressure, that big emotion, I have eaten something that I had at home," explains Benoît Magimel, indicating a member of narcotics anonymous and undergo psychotherapy.

"5000 euro fine, it seems to be an important warning", considers the accusation, which refuses to ask a duty of care, it can only be linked to a term of imprisonment suspended " which does not seem appropriate. " The lawyer of the actor, Mr. Pascal Garbarini, while denouncing "Two days and three nights in police custody" for "an ordinary traffic accident", said he was "happy" such requisitions. Before quoting Jean-Luc Godard: "Cinema substitutes for our gaze a world that gives itself to our wishes."

Champions League - PSG: what plays Laurent Blanc?
The management of the Paris group by the coach raised some misunderstandings after the quarter-final against Manchester City. Before the quarter-final return between Manchester City and Paris, all eyes are worn on Marco Verratti. The Italian youth international, returning from a groin injury and now the group for the trip in English soil, he will be able to take his place on the field? The question is crucial, because without the former hope of Pescara, PSG is not only reduced, it is not at all a team that deserves its place in the last four of the C1. Thus, despite the hundreds of millions of euros invested by the Qatari owners, health Parisian game depends on only one player, oh, talented, but who has emerged recently in Italy team who is only 23 years old.

Thus deciding as a controller to continually evolve his team 4-3-3 with a medium to three irremovable, Laurent Blanc has created a PSG suicidal dependence of Marco Verratti. As soon as it is available for a meeting, no plan B comparable level is expected. The Paris coach was tactically placed at risk in the long run by not sometimes varying its system. And right now, playing with fire seems to actually be one of the favorite pastimes of the "President".
Russian roulette with three bullets

The tenure of Serge Aurier at the quarter-final to face the Citizens Princes Park is symptomatic of this incomprehensible risk. In deciding to align input to the Ivorian right-back Laurent Blanc played Russian roulette with three bullets in the barrel. First ball: Aurier choose for this match high pressure and a large intensity, to the former outcast in a very unfavorable context for him to make his return in the best possible conditions.

To his credit, in the post-match press conference, Laurent Blanc invokes the qualities of striker against the person concerned, deemed superior to those of Marquinhos and more worrying for opposing midfielder David Silva left struggling to defend. The right-back role, focused on the offensive, a lot of energy and requires the fullback has rhythm, playing time. However, since the Periscope case in February which led to his layoff Serge Aurier has played just three matches: two with the Ivorian selection against Sudan and a CFA with the PSG reserve. His defensive mistake on the second goal for City, clearly due to its lack of freshness, then afterwards seemed almost inevitable.
The veteran Manuel Pellegrini

Second ball: by deciding to deviate Marquinhos for this quarter-final, Laurent Blanc has alienated one of his most talented players and the most exemplary, and who always raise their game for large maturities. The Brazilian defender had delivered a double good score in the second round return against Chelsea. Reappointment against Manchester City seemed so sound obvious. These positive precedents have not loomed large for the Parisian coach Marquinhos and had to sit on the bench. Thus, a player dismissed for insulting his coach was preferred - to compete in one of the most important matches of the season - to another who has shown impeccable recent months.

A curious property management leading to the third ball. Taking this incoherent decision, Laurent Blanc made it clear to his players that he was taking a risk that does not necessarily controlled. The Aurier bet is a dangerous sport choices and inconsiderate management option holders have struggled to digest. Is it a coincidence that the PSG was the street during the first ten minutes of the match against City? A starts that saw David Luiz foul on Sergio Aguero. These ten minutes when the Citizens had 60% of possession, which seems incredible when you know the propensity of Parisians to seize immediately the control of an encounter.

To go to war, soldiers must have confidence in their superiors. In the first leg facing City, Laurent Blanc, because of his choice, clearly showed that the general's uniform was too big for him. He had a week to thicken the shoulder and will find his lucid overview coaching against Chelsea hope to bring PSG in the semifinals of the C1. Although the presence of Verratti is the best remedy for his foresight, he will perhaps also innovate and anticipate facing his counterpart, Manuel Pellegrini, which itself has already risen in the last four of the C1, with Villarreal in 2006. this performance has given him international stature, that does not (yet?) Laurent Blanc on a bench.

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