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Saturday, October 31, 2015

How To Download Facebook Videos Without Software Downloader

How To Download Facebook Videos Without Software Downloader
How To Download Facebook Videos Without Software Downloader

New Songs 2016 Pakistan Super League 2016 Live Streaming

An Apple Watch 2 much finer in June?

The new version of the clock connected the most sold in the world she will be presented just before summer when Apple developer conference? One of the best kept secrets in the world: how Apple has he sold watches connected last year?
Juniper Research into account 8.8 million, or 51.5% of the market, when IDC are 13 million, or 76% of total smartwatches sold in 2015 ... He said in any case in 2016 the giant of Cupertino plans to sell no less than 24 million ... Besides the bracelets, which also contribute to his good fortune, and to place Apple, with one model shows, on the podium of the global watchmaking, alongside the greatest names Swiss Made.

Moral: when the rumor begins to announce the upcoming release of Apple Watch 2 is a real event in the watch seraglio, and technophile. Indeed, according to information just released by the website MacRumors, Apple would benefit from its developer conference in June, to present a new Apple Watch up to 40% thinner than the first, in parallel iOS 10 . An announcement would come up for the disappointment of the last keynote, during which Tim Cook was content to reveal some bracelets with spring colors, while Hermes has for its part announced new bracelets that this time will not not restricted to a single model Apple Watch.

On sale by year end

The source MacRumors: Brian White, an analyst Drexel Hamilton, a company on Wall Street, and author notes about the new iPhone and Apple Watch which can be expected in 2016, following his latest high-tech tour in China. One of his sources have told him about a iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5 inch screen, produced from July. But Brian White also predicted a refresh of the Apple Watch in two or three months, with Apple Watch 2 finer from 20 to 40%, may be unveiled at the WWDC, held in mid-June San Francisco. Information coming overlap two other sources: in November 2015, the president of the Taiwanese company Quanta Computer indicated that it was developing a finer Apple Watch 2 for a launch in the second half of 2016, for a sale end year; in September 2015, it was Timothy Arcuri, an analyst at Cowen and Company, which announced the release of a second generation of Apple Watch finer for mid-2016. The question is whether, in addition to being thinner, it will be especially equipped with better battery life and new features. Rumors speak of a photo sensor, a wristwatch battery with integrated GPS and especially sending a warning to close in heart alert. Verdict in June ...

The Daily Mail wants to buy Yahoo!

The parent company of the British newspaper confirmed lead discussions with "several" investment fund to back the former glory of the Internet. DMGT, the parent company of the British newspaper The Daily Mail and internet site, confirmed lead discussions with "several" investment funds for a possible bid for Yahoo !, as announced earlier by the Wall Street Journal. In recent months, DMGT focused on the development of its activities in the US with the acquisition of such information website Elite Daily and projects in television with a show presenter, author and former psychologist Phil McGraw , known by the nickname "Dr. Phil".

Candidates for the redemption of certain assets of the former flagship of the Internet have until April 18 to make an offer. According to sources close to the quoted Sunday by the Wall Street Journal online, an offer from the Daily Mail & General Trust may take electives two forms. First possibility, a fund would acquire the Internet activities of the group and merge the media and information activities with those of the Daily Mail online to form a new company that would be managed by the British newspaper. The second scenario assumes that a fund "to acquire the entire heart of internet business Yahoo !, Mail containing the information and media activities," according to the Wall Street Journal.
One billion users

Of these assets, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! News, and video activities, according to the WSJ, which does not mention what would be the fate of another strategic assets of Yahoo !, its 15% share in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. Internet pioneer used by approximately one billion people worldwide, Yahoo! happens behind Google in terms of search on the Internet and regularly losing online advertising material field. And the stock market value of Yahoo! reflects almost exclusively more than the value of its investments in Asian companies Alibaba and Yahoo! Japan.

Arrival at the helm in 2012 to revive the group, Marissa Mayer announced in February a new restructuring plan, considered one of the last chance. The activist fund Starboard Value decided to claim, at the next general assembly, replacement of the entire board. To try to calm his disgruntled investors, Yahoo! has already announced the beginning of February a restructuring that will reduce its workforce by 15%, and it spreads over the sale of any assets, including its core business, namely internet portal itself, for which the telecom operator Verizon has decided to make an offer. It has already bought AOL and stated repeatedly in the past that might be interested in some online assets of Yahoo!

Yahoo executives have been meeting with those of Verizon, IAC / InterActiveCorp and CBS Corp., according to a source close to the case cited by the Wall Street Journal. Microsoft has talked with investment funds for the financing of a takeover, sources close to the file cited by the WSJ, which also confirms the interest of KKR and TPG fund.

Aired for several days on social networks, the trailer of a new cooking show - Recipes tipsy - is controversial. Modeled on a program invented in Sweden, but that had its heyday in Canada, the issue has to be posted on YouTube on Wednesday. But even before its first broadcast, it is already threatened by censorship! Originally scandal? The fact that the entertainment put on stage a "chef" (Mr. Octopus) and guest preparing a dish ... drinking a little (much) alcohol. Several participants in the Canadian show got drunk beyond reason. Guest of the first edition, Stéphane Bern has not balked when it came to chain vodka shots. If he remained in control of himself until the end of the show, it nevertheless reveals it unexpectedly. He even started singing, hilarious, Jean-Jacques Goldman.

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