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Thursday, October 29, 2015

How To Downgrade Windows 10 Urdu Tutorial

How To Downgrade Windows 10 Urdu Tutorial
How To Downgrade Windows 10 Urdu Tutorial

New Songs 2016 Pakistan Super League 2016 Live Streaming

The cornerstones of the media are bid out since Tuesday, and thus a rough idea of ​​how and where the football league can be seen from the season 2017/18 on TV and mobile distribution channels. The most important innovation: future there will be in the Bundesliga five Monday games. Even if no German club more is represented internationally on Thursday night. And what was to be expected: Sky is its monopoly in live coverage going. Even Amazon, Vodafone or Deutsche Telekom may bid. What this means for viewers and fans? The most important questions and answers at a glance.

A commitment by the DFL makes it unlawful for a bidder from the season 2017/18 no longer possible to be the exclusive rights holder for all 306 live games from the Bundesliga. That had informed the German Cartel Office in advance of the bid. The sole copyright owner has been the pay-TV broadcaster Sky. The exclusive live coverage of the Bundesliga with their 36 clubs has long been unique selling point of the pay-TV channel. Sky pays just under 486 million euros per season. Prospective competitors may now be: Amazon, Vodafone, and the Perform Group with Spox.com or Telekom. Must be fans worry that they will soon have to complete two pay-TV contracts to see all 306 games? Yes and no. As the experience of other countries - for example, England - show such a model leads not usually mean that the consumer needs more than a subscription to watch all the matches can, said, perhaps a bit optimistic, President of the Bundeskartellamt, Andreas Mundt. So also sub-licenses could be awarded.

Nevertheless, it is probably more complicated for the German audience. Sky Germany have to decide: Either we can continue to show all 306 games, but not on all distribution channels, or Sky insists on all distribution channels - cable, satellite, Internet, phone - but no longer has the rights to all games. Then vendors can purchase a so-called two-OTT package: up to 102 games (three per match) exclusively for Web TV and Mobile. An opportunity for aspiring media sizes as the streaming service Amazon Prime or the communications giant Vodafone and Telekom. You could refine with such an offer their range of films and series.

"Sports Show": ARD and RTL?

Even more than the pay-TV the fans see the Bundesliga in the "Sports Watch". The first will want on Saturday to hold on to the Bundesliga "Sports Show" to 18:30 absolutely. The summary of the core game day with the games at 15 o'clock 30 includes not only traditional, it is an institution with more than five million viewers regularly. The highlight coverage is expensive, but the rights beat per shipment / Turn around three million euros. To be, roughly, two "crime scenes" paid. The ARD finances the Bundesliga "Sportschau" so far with more than 100 million euros per season, on the stand, it will not be able to remain with the rights from the season 2017/2018.

However, the rights package is on Saturday 18:30 to 8:00 p.m. "easier", less valuable if at ten matches each game by Sunday and after Monday is postponed. For the league revenues will be even more critical if the private station RTL on "Sports Show" slot is interested. Schäferkordt, head of RTL Group, said in an interview with the "Welt am Sonntag", "the Bundesliga is exciting, but expensive." And: "Sports rights allow a transmitter to achieve very long ranges and to strengthen the brand of the sender sustainable." RTL has apparently met with the German qualifying matches for Euro 2016 and the 2018 World Cup's own expectations.

As you can hear, RTL is more interested in A-international matches of the national team and would like for it very deeply into their pockets. Has RTL then money for the Bundesliga? Perhaps also the US Company Discovery participate in the highlights, then it has acquired for Euro Sport the exclusive rights to broadcast the Olympic Games from 2018 to 2024. From ZDF is expected that the public broadcaster further wishes to acquire the highlight-rights package on Saturday between 21:45 and midnight, so that the "Recent Sport Studio" can continue to report on the so-called "top game" on Saturday at 18:30,

The free TV coverage on Sunday is usually the domain of Sport 1. The rights package tailored "K" in the tender, ie summaries for the first and second Bundesliga on Sunday 6:00 to 15:00 is, to the transmitter. The ARD-third could keep their piece of the Bundesliga cake on Sunday. Rights package "M" refers to the summary of the top-flight games 9:15 p.m. to 23:00; a right that is more attractive than the season by additional five games at 13 o'clock 30th Sports 1 15 could sweep the entire weekend on Monday from 22 AM.

The Paring machine can continue to run according DFL-tender. The packages for the "highlight clips" 40 minutes after the final whistle (to date via bild.de), available at any time, there are still. These clips also streaming services like "Select Video" Vodafone or Amazon Prime may interest video.

What purpose the DFL?

The DFL speaks of maintaining continuity in terms of Schedule and transmit window on the one hand, new opportunities for additional innovations on the other. The league has a total of 17 packages of rights for the national and European market advertised, designated to provide revenue from 1.1 to 1.5 billion euros. Currently, there are an average of EUR 628 million from domestic rights per year. It is intended to award the rights even before the start of the European Championship in June this year. "This announcement represents a first class offer for media companies to attractive program content to inspire viewers in the coming years and to retain them," said DFL CEO Christian Seifert. will see that with the enthusiasm somewhat different football hardcore fans. You soon long trips to Bundesliga away games on Monday evening in front of him.

What happens in a district when a young idealist represents the citizens EUR 10 000 at leisure? And will it make a movie? "Lime for all calls" author and director Rami Hamze his project, which he wants to initiate citizenship in Cologne-Kalk. The traditional working class neighborhood transformed just by the influx of young families through rehabilitation and construction - a case of classic gentrification. The money Hamze has borrowed from friends from the media industry and rented a shop. He distributed fliers, and stirred in local media the big drum he arouses interest, but also encounters skepticism. "Do it where you live," calls a Kalkerin. Another holds that only a "circus, where the trainer has fun".

Here, Rami Hamze, a lanky type endeavors with orange bobble hat on the black hair, obviously a matter that the audience have fun. He garnished his grassroots idea with a disguised as a clown trainees as sidekick and thousands of self-irony. "People said lime has been waiting for you. All congratulated me, "said the German-Palestinian dry the ambivalent reception. It has its entertaining film called "The Great Demokrator" an outrageously cocky nod to Charlie Chaplin's Hitler satire "The Great Dictator". And in comments he rages his addiction from about funny calendar Wisdoms and proverbs. For example: "Just because you have a beard, you're far from being a prophet."

Experimental trip through Veedel

Hamze is a nice, relaxed contemporary, which you like to follow in his experimental trip through Kalker Veedel. But his sometimes flirtatious ostentatious naivety believed not always. "What I had imagined actually: that all have fond because Hamze wants it?" He says, as the various initiatives that fight over the money, clashed in a big palaver. Rami Hamzes film project, which had been implemented before the increased influx of refugees has quite something triggered in Cologne-Kalk. Two initiatives won most supporters and shared the money. The store is also used on the shooting also as a meeting place.

"The big Demokrator" says earnestly coexistence in urban, changing rooms. Of that "always the same people from always the same layer" involved, as recognized frustrated Hamze. Bildungsbürger that build playgrounds, prevent heliports or want to build a meditation room. Migrants are only a few among them, to live side by side rather than together. Even in a Turkish cafe advertises Hamze for "Lime for all", without success. He should the EUR 10 000 would rather donate for the poor children in Africa, proposes a prior. In general, it would be better if more German and fewer foreigners were living in lime.

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