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Friday, October 30, 2015

How To Backup Your Windows Program Settings

How To Backup Your Windows Program Settings
How To Backup Your Windows Program Settings

New Songs 2016 Pakistan Super League 2016 Live Streaming

We cannot thank you enough money. It should they actually do not mention. Strictly speaking, a text on the Lego Edition of the German national football team is of course an advertising text and should be labeled accordingly. That we sometimes make an exception, is solely because Lego has managed the national team to get such simple that one can be a journalist, who has to deal with the ever increasing foreclosure the DFB-Elf, just jealous , Lego has collected his minifigs the essence of the national team. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and would pull his hat saying: ". Champs Elysees"

16 figures, the toys Group cast ahead of the European Football Championship on the market, available in May, and only those who think superficially, would say: A marketing product more before the tournament. Manuel Neuer leads the team on, Benedikt Höwedes is attending and may even re pleased about full hair, Sami Khedira can be identified on the beard, Jérôme Boateng is a bit on the dark arg. The coach carries on a wild parting hairstyle, and generally can be distinguished tend only about the haircut players. Otherwise, all look the same, the same dimple, the same arched eyebrows, the same optimistic "We win the title" Grins, all emblazoned the great Signet of sporting goods manufacturer on the jersey, small and pure. Straight Polished. And Max Kruse has the same Façon like all his colleagues. The not out of line. Oliver Bierhoff likes this. Lego has done national as dreamed each sponsor. And as it is more and more developed and perceived by the public. Confident faced young men, dazzling white teeth, the perfect pawns. Panini Decals to play. And Philipp Lahm is not even more here.

It now only missing the Barbie figures. Probably with players' wives. For Tuesday announced "possible miracle" in Madrid either a "magical night", "war" or. At least if you look at ask around among the players and fans of Real Madrid. "On Tuesday it will be perfect. With eleven players on the field and 80,000 spectators in the stadium, we will make it to the semi-finals," said about superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Defender Dani Carvajal adopt martial: "We are going into the fields to roll over Wolfsburg." In the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals Real receives the Bundesliga VfL Wolfsburg (20:45, high-live ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE, TV: Sky). The first leg lost the Royal 0:. 2 Actually an excellent starting point for the Germans, but one is careful. "In the Bernabeu things will happen to you now can not imagine," predicts VfL manager Klaus Allofs: "wrong refereeing decisions, for example."

The Estadio Santiago Bernabéu is a myth. The 1947 opened Arena was often the scene of memorable football matches. The now deceased Real legend Juanito coined the famous phrase: "90 minutes in the Bernabeu are very long!" Total 22 times succeeded the Merengues in the European Cup history, a residue in the second leg at home to turn yet. Probably the most memorable comeback was in November 1985, when Borussia Monchengladbach traveled euphoric for a 5: 1-leg win in Dusseldorf for Uefa Cup second leg to Madrid. Real won in particularly heated atmosphere 4: 0 and came on. "The game we have already lost before the whistle," the former Borussia professional Christian Hochstätter told the magazine "11 Friends": "It started on the way to the stadium on our bus was pelted with tomatoes, eggs, what. I know." André Schürrle said before the game because even: "The atmosphere will be heated, with each counter it will come off." His conclusion: "This is simply great."

But the great comebacks of Madrid are on the European stage back long. Recently meant a victory in the first leg of a K.o-game for reals opponents always: Congratulations on reaching the next round. Whether Juventus, Bayern and AS Roma - in the past decade, Real could come back after a first-leg defeat in the European Cup in the K.o.Runde never. The last time achieved this Real in the 2001/2002 season against Bayern in the quarter-finals - at the end of this season took the Madrid Cup. an uncomfortable reception at the Bernabeu Stadium As expected the envoys from the Lower Saxony province prepares. Since the stunning 2: 0 in the quarter-final first leg of the Champions League against Real Madrid in the last week there was much talk that the trip to the second leg would be anything but pleasant for Wolfsburg. And indeed, as Dieter Hecking his team for the last training before the match this Tuesday (20:45, high-live ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE) sent in the mythical arena, it was pouring. A persistent wind blew.

The inhospitable conditions were a suitable match to what the Wolfsburg expected. At least when it comes to Real. The record winner in Europe Champions Cup and the Champions League is convinced of their own advancement, despite this bad number. So it enjoin the self of the club and its great history. "We have not in vain celebrated in the past so many successes. I'm not worried," said coach Zinédine Zidane. Also midfielder Luka Modric has getting ahead firmly planned and thinks even further. "It is our duty to give everything and to collect the final," he says. The path of Madrileños should lead directly to the final. Wolfsburg? Quarterfinals? Semifinals? Annoying intermediate steps. Real thinks big and is defined as an association of winners. Ans Losing is not even thought of.

The Madrileños are irritated

In concrete poured and built with glass and steel, the self-image of the club's training center in the northeast of the city. Ten soccer fields are located on the system, a boarding school for young players, a stadium for the second team. The many floodlights are like giraffe necks in the countryside. Those who want to advance to the Press-building by car, where Zidane and Modric give their forecasts for the second leg against Wolfsburg, must pass three guarded by security checkpoints. Of course, the complex is not easy training center. He is Ciudad Real Madrid. The association has its own city within a city.

And he has a venue that can intimidate the opponent. In the Bernabeu could probably stack the Wolfsburg Arena three times above the other. The audience should contribute to the mediocrity of the Bundesliga has slid vice champions and cup winners not just defeated is in the quarter-final second leg of the Champions League, but flattened. At least, the former Leverkusen Dani Carvajal formulated his expectations. "With 80,000 spectators behind us, we will try to roll over the VfL" he threatens and sets the Wolfsburgern even "war" in view. The confident Madrileños are irritated.

Myth of Real-comebacks

For the meeting in the Bernabeu Real evokes the own history. The club has experience in the European Cup on home soil repulse after defeats in the first leg. 1975 succeeded the against Derby County, in the eighties against Inter Milan, last in 2002 against Bayern. "Always come back again, is part of the club," said coach Zidane. Against Wolfsburg to continue the myth of comebacks ( "Remontadas") to work, despite the fact that Real's last excreted eight times after a first-leg defeat.

The audience will not be impressed by such statistics and is convinced of a crushing victory against VfL. "The fans believe that there is a 3: 0, a 4: 0 or 5: 0 are," says Agustín Martín, who reports for the daily newspaper "As" on Real. He says that people in Madrid take the upstart from Niedersachsen not really serious. Since it fits into the picture that the conversation with Martín another reporter comes along and wants to know what the name of Wolfsburg coach is. Wolfsburg coach Dieter Hecking is, and he does not feel intimidated them that Real must unpack the myths of the past before the second leg. On the contrary. He is flattered. "This shows that we have gained a lot of respect," he says. In the Bernabeu could be uncomfortable for Wolfsburg. But it may also be that they work even more respect.

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