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Saturday, October 31, 2015

How To Backup All Your Social Media Data At One Place

How To Backup All Your Social Media Data At One Place
How To Backup All Your Social Media Data At One Place

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"The problem is not Macron; the problem is the president"

The Minister of Economy may well denigrate the Prime Minister, he stings the transgressive modern niche. Relatives of Valls on edge. "I do not want to react because whatever I say, you write that vallsistes are angry," says a vallsiste, therefore prefers to keep quiet. But the truth is that the faithful of the Prime Minister are "excited" ... Annoyed by Emmanuel Macron playing for too long, and more and more active on the ground that their champion has shifted to the Street Varenne. Who moved him as the leading man transgressive and modern. Valls Matignon at Macron disruption.

Then, casually, by deciphering the small company of the Minister of Economy, those who want to dismantle the answer. "I would like to emphasize the political dimension," Francis begins Chouat. "First, Macron was in neither left nor right. Now he is in the right and left ... In both cases, this is not a position that allows to go very far in the necessary reconstruction of the Democratic and Republican field. "And the successor of Manuel Valls for mayor of Evry continued by explaining:" This is from the left, provided it agrees to be reformist, they act the power and does not pass its time to feel guilty, we can make the political recomposition, not in a sort of gloubi boulga-right-left, which gives the appearance that are not in mainstream politics. "Manuel Valls, himself reminded Macron to order on this issue by stressing his" duty to collect. "

"The creature eventually exceeds the creator"

Christophe Caresche said he agreed that "the background is interesting," but all "confused". "The only question is whether there is a presidential candidate or not. If he is not a candidate, it is only there to get everyone back on the candidacy of Holland, and it works pretty well indeed, "says the deputy of Paris, which mainly considers that" the problem, Macron's not the problem, it's the president. " "François Hollande must dissipate the fog. There it is in a deleterious strategy to grow all possible and thus different positions. On Macron side that says there is neither right nor left; another, Stéphane Le Foll is preparing to hold a meeting that we must activate the right left cleavage. "

And to remember the campaign of 2007. "Again Francois Hollande Segolene Royal had left from before, he had asked his family for support to block the other and appear once the open road. The problem is that often the creature begins to play, thought why not me? and eventually exceeds the creator. " And those who do not focus on the supposed Machiavellianism of Francois Hollande stop the cynical part they detect among Emmanuel Macron. Thus, Senator Luc Carvounas insists: "The problem is that it is the Minister of Economy. We can not say that we must speak the truth and try to buy a virginity that we have already lost. There is Emmanuel Macron and Emmanuel Macron. "

Valls and Macron "not in the same league"

But rest assured vallsistes repeating to anyone who will listen, and for months, the prime minister and the new star of the French political landscape "will not play in the same court," Valls "being elected fifteen years" .A professional politician when Emmanuel Macron discovers this universe for only four years. And it stings for road, Philippe Doucet, MLA Val d'Oise, near Valls, micro Europe 1: "What today account for Manuel Valls? It is to be central among Socialist supporters, while Emmanuel Macron as Nicolas Hulot, themselves, are appreciated mostly by right-wing voters. "Macron can not get upset, which dreams of working with personalities from all sides ...

Gérard Collomb learns the arrival of ministers close to him ... by the press
The interministerial committee dedicated to Bill Equality and Citizenship will be held in Vaulx-en-Velin, a city of Lyon.

The president of the Metropolis of Lyon Gérard Collomb (PS) does not like to be kept away. The aedile lamented Tuesday to have been informed by the press held in Vaulx-en-Velin, a city of the agglomeration, the interdepartmental committee devoted to Bill Equality and Citizenship (CIEC). "President of the Metropolis of Lyon and very concerned by these issues, I strongly regret not having learned that the press holding this ICCS" wrote the Senator-Mayor of Lyon said in a statement. "The action of the Metropole is nevertheless often cited as an example in terms of urban renewal projects, policy of the city, and more generally of a real desire to restore social diversity across the conurbation "recalls the elected, on the eve of the ministerial meeting.

The town of Vaulx-en-Velin, northeast of Lyon, is led by the current Secretary of State Helena City Goeffroy. Gérard Collomb stressed that, since the launch of an "ambitious project" in 2001, with the former mayor of Vaulx-en-Velin Maurice Charrier (former Communist Party), this town, which "included a gigantic shantytown," was "completely transformed". "Large companies have come settle there: Technip, Veolia, Alstom Transport, a cooperation and ethical finance division, Woopa soon Adecco, with nearly 1 000 jobs. In short, this area has found a new life, "he explains.

316 million to its urban area

"We are waiting to know what will be the state's participation" for the second National Urban Renewal Programme (2014-2024), says Gérard Collomb, who said that the state funding for the first phase was PNRU 316 million for the city. "While stands the ICCS, we expect at least as much," says Gérard Collomb for whom this is the yardstick of this funding that we can judge the government's willingness to promote in the Lyon area equal real.

In Vaulx-en-Velin, Prime Minister Manuel Valls will be joined on Wednesday members of his government directly concerned by the text: Patrick Kanner (City and Youth), Emmanuelle Cosse (Housing), Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (Education), Myriam El Khomri (Labour), Ericka Bareigts (real EQUALITY) and Hélène Geoffroy. The presentation by the Cabinet Bill equality and citizenship, originally scheduled for April 6 was postponed for a week, for reasons of agenda and agenda of the Council of Ministers.

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