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Friday, October 30, 2015

Find your lost or stolen smartphone with Kaspersky Phound

Find your lost or stolen smartphone with Kaspersky Phound
Find your lost or stolen smartphone with Kaspersky Phound

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Train accident of Bad Aibling: Dispatcher to have been distracted by mobile game

Two months after the train wreck of Bad Aibling with eleven dead sitting the Dispatcher in custody. He should have played until shortly before the collision an online game. The accused Dispatcher has been remanded in custody two months after the train wreck of Bad Aibling with eleven dead. This was announced by the prosecutor's office in Traunstein. The man was accused of having played on his cell phone shortly before the collision of the two trains a computer game and thus to have been distracted.

"It must be assumed that because of the close temporal relationship of that the accused was distracted from the control of the crossing traffic of trains", said the investigating authority. The Rosenheim District Court had ordered detention for manslaughter, negligent assault and dangerous interference in rail transport. According to investigators, the man accused by the new findings on his cell phone use not only instantaneous failure, but a significantly heavier weight falling into dereliction of duty. The dispatcher had the trains been wrong signals because of gambling with his cellphone and pressed later for emergency calls to the radio the wrong key combination. He had been playing, but denied to have been distracted.

During the collision of two commuter trains near Bad Aibling eleven men had died on 9 February on the route from Holzkirchen to Rosenheim and 85 inmates were partly critically injured. In the affair of the libelous poem satirist Jan Böhmermann Chancellor Angela Merkel comes in for criticism. Following the significant words of the "Today Show" -Moderators Oliver Welke against "image" ( "On a case Böhmermann it has become just as if was a quote to the Chancellor. A big mistake that hopefully sorry for") suggests Martin Sonneborn in the same line.

In an interview with "N24" presenter Thomas Klug of MEPs called for satire party "The Party" the behavior of the Chancellor in connection with the case, as even "crazy" than that of the Turkish leaders Recep Tayyip Erdogan. On Monday it was revealed that Erdogan is a complaint against Böhmermann for libel. Merkel had previously let it be known to their government spokesman Steffen Seibert, that they "deliberately hurtful" find Böhmer's libelous poem.

On the question whether the procedure Erdogan an adequate response to that was what he accuses Böhmermann, Sonneborn answered in the "N24" interview: "No, that's a very funny natural reaction of the madman from the Bosphorus, as we affectionately call him here in the European Parliament." An "absolutely crazy behavior", which will only surpassed by "how devotedly Mrs Merkel actually behaves". The case Böhmermann encompasses much more than the affair of the libelous poem, so Sonneborn. "Many of those who rise up now, even pulling a little against Turkey's policy of Angela Merkel to battle."

But how to react Merkel now? This is actually quite simple, says Sonneborn. As head of state he would remain true to its principles, especially in this case. That was the case, Angela Merkel, however difficult, so Sonneborn. Because Merkel did not. "In this respect, the decision is for them perhaps a little more difficult. But I believe that this case must be referred quickly to the German judicial system." That is the usual transition.

There then could finally Erdogan handling goats are clarified, adds the satirist - on a passage from Böhmer's libelous poem hinting - added. When asked how much and how gleefully Erdogan excitement to the event Böhmermann register well Sonneborn Erdogan speaks from how any calculus. He sees in Erdogan rather an "aging dictator" who suffer from loss of reality. "It reminds me a little of Hitler's last days in the bunker. His aides will not tell him that it is nonsense, what he is doing." Given the "2000 insult processes - also against students" was Böhmermann "only the funny tip of the iceberg".

Also satirist Oliver lime kiln (50) criticizes the approach in the case - without addressing directly people. He do because of the discussion about the prosecution Böhmer's concerns about the right to freedom of expression. "This whole completely absurd affair of state to the small poetic verbal derailment of thin pale boy widens straight to one of the most bizarre, frightening and for our freedom of speech also dangerous discussions for a long time from" Kalkofe wrote on Facebook. One must not like the action of Böhmermann, they could even find completely failed. It is important that we take the case Böhmermann therefore should not make an affair of state. Because in a process states the right to satire and freedom of expression to be in court.

"It does not matter what keeps the individual from Böhmer's poem It is also no matter whether it is satire or not because yes.. It is deliberately hurtful, angry and qualitatively no pole vault," writes Kalkofe. "It should also never be. Because the satirical platform throughout history has never been the absurdly recited repeatedly and completely unimportant poem, but the action around it." What is happening, is just unbelievable, sad and so very stupid and not thought through. "Actually, it's in its absurdity funny almost back ... but may be laughable, if the right is killed on satire?"

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