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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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They are considered the top From Behind in club football at all: Since the first knockout round in the UEFA Cup in 1985. Real Madrid hovers a myth. After a 1: 5 at Borussia Mönchengladbach in the first leg, the Spaniards moved in the second leg at home with a 4: 0 win in the quarterfinals. The myth was born: With this game, the notion Real could catch up at home to taste again and get stuck in the end but in European competition too high residues in the away game in the return leg spread. Before the game against VfL Wolfsburg on Tuesday night in Madrid this thesis is now back in the room. On Wednesday Real Madrid lost in Wolfsburg 0: 2 and thus sprouted the question whether the Spaniards something big would succeed again.

A new victory at home just as so many times. But how much is actually tuned to the home win myth of Real Madrid. Is it them in retrospect actually already so often managed to win an away game lost home yet? Or were the times where this has occurred, highlighted simply stronger and statuiert as an example, so contrary cases are quickly forgotten? A look at Statistics of the club in the Champions League the past three decades: - 1979 to 2000 inclusive travels Real rail actually fairly constant: in eight cases, there are six successful Aufholaktionen count - 1979/80 succeeds the Spaniards even catch up twice in the second leg at home: against FC Porto (first leg: 1: 2; return: 1: 0) and Celtic (first leg: 0: 2; return: 3: 0) Last League suffered local myth of Real Madrid in the Champions strongly - Since the 2000s it looks however rather mau: in the last 16 years managed Real catching up only once in the Champions League - in the playing season 2001/02 in the quarterfinals against Bayern Munich (first leg: 1: 2; Leg: 2 : 0). - Much more often can be in the last decade games see where the mantra was not quite opened, and a whopping five times from 2007 to 2015: For example, against AS Roma in 2007/08 (first leg: 1: 2; return: 1: 2) or Juventus 2014/15 (first leg: 1: 2; return: 1: 1). - It is by the year 2000 ie 5: 2 for the catch-up hypothesis, since it is however in the relegation position. From 2001 to date, there is 1: 5, in six cases Real So could catch only once a lost away in the second leg.

Should Wolfsburg ie before a myth fear that hangs in the doldrums for years? The figures show that there was quite him, the Aufholchampion Real Madrid. This is however back years and it is questionable whether the club is looking back at the last ten years can still decorate with this status. Especially since the players other are.

The German Hockey without Mirko Lüdemann? Hard to imagine, but at some point it had to happen, yes. And I think Mirko has now chosen a good time to end his career. He is, after all, this year it is 43. For me the very great man in the German ice hockey. 23 years in the first division and then in a club - that no one has yet managed to and will so quickly create any. I congratulate you on a unique career and say Chapeau!

The Mirko I know already quite long and our careers ran almost parallel. He is with the Cologne Sharks sure what I was or am with the polar bears. A role model. Such player we need in the German ice hockey. About Her teams are evenly also publicly perceived outside the scene. Who knows except the hockey fans, which player is presented annually at the clubs and coming? Mirko is a constant at the Cologne Sharks. And I find it very good that he will continue to receive the club as an employee.

Of course, you also need to be in top shape, but he was anyway. I was impressed in recent years, as he is still running the younger of them. At 42, he still played at a high level. This is certainly exceptional, but also explained. Thank's not aware that he did not originally come from Cologne, but from White Water. He has previously enjoyed a very good education in junior and was a first-class skater. Only with such a background, you can play at such a high level for so long.

1195 games for Cologne on the ice - an impressive brand

In his final season Mirko has arrived yet with the Kölner Haie semifinals, after defeating the polar bears in the quarterfinals. So he was the champion again in more detail - twice (1995 and 2002), he became German champion with the sharks. But another number is impressive: 1195 Games for Cologne was Mirko on the ice. Since 1993 he has played in the Bundesliga and then of the founding of the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) 1994 until now - he was the last player who is still left from the founding year. I did not quite managed, but I have as an attacker indeed played differently than Mirko. Let's put it this way: It was more of a quiet representative among the defenders.

We have been through a lot together, even though we have played in the national team together. Most recently, he was in my farewell game in Wellblechpalast. We are good friends. When we were with the polar bears in Cologne, I have after the Games Poked home with him. One thing I am particularly pleased now that we have maybe more time to meet us. I am because of the polar bear and my presentations in television a lot, often in Cologne. It is then determined to find time plenty of time to drink a Käffchen. Or even two. Mirko, I wish you for the future with the sharks all the best. And I am convinced that you will make the new job in the office as well as the on the ice!

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