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Friday, October 30, 2015

Create A Perfect Selfie With This Windows App

Create A Perfect Selfie With This Windows App
Create A Perfect Selfie With This Windows App

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Judging by literature and film, humanity from speaking computers can expect little good. As they say things like: "I'm sorry, Dave me, but I can not do." Or: "I could calculate your chances of survival, but you were not thrilled." Nevertheless, the American tech industry believes now collectively that we all constantly accurate in the future with computers: will communicate with bots, written or oral. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella about is convinced: "This technology is inevitable." Nadella meant intelligent, speaking interfaces like Microsoft, Google, and Apple, so Cortana, Google Now and Siri. But there is even more: Machine wizard to some extent become the user interface for services from the telephone company hotline to Pizza Service. Nadella speaks of "talks as a platform." In Facebook you can see the similar - on the developer conference F8 on Tuesday night bots are believed to play a central role.

Teenagers chat for hours with a piece of software

Bots can even entertainment, serve as a partner. As Microsoft recently tried such a thing, an artificial teenager named Tay that went horribly wrong, however. The learning Plauder-Bot was drilled by malicious users within a short time with so much racist and sexist hatred that Microsoft Tay had to take from the grid at the end. Successful is Microsoft's Chinese chatbot Xiaoice: The software is in China reportedly so popular that some teenagers talk with him for hours. Xiaoice remembers information about his interlocutor about whether someone was probably just left. And it accesses image databases, can identify about races on photos and flatter so dog owners with knowledge about their pets.

Yongdong Wang, head of the Microsoft division that Xiaoice created, claiming some people would not notice until after ten minutes to chat with a bot, not a human. Already in February 2016 Xiaoice brought 10 billion conversations behind.

Chat Software The All-Around

China is far ahead of what messenger services concerned as a general purpose tool: The there very popular chat app WeChat as it allows the user now to do a variety of other things, to send a message. So you can charge about his prepaid Sim, order a taxi or buy movie tickets. The bot basic idea is based on a simple observation: Chats, especially typed, today are one of the main activities of smartphone users. The entertainment at the typed conversation or group has become the communication standard paradigm. Why Facebook bought WhatsApp, so Microsoft is investing a lot of money in bot technology. And therefore to information obtained by SPIEGEL ONLINE, a German sports media company will present its own messenger app with special content in the next few days.

The lock screen as a target

The most competitive place on the smartphones of today is the lock screen: Whoever manages to land with push messages there has to trigger the greatest chance of an action of the respective user. And messages of chat apps like admitted by many users to get there. On the F8 Facebook will probably introduce further expansion of its Messengers. Already last year was the chat app, the Facebook has long been decoupled from its main app, there is a central theme. Facebook then advanced about the possibilities for integrating multimedia content such as animations or short videos directly into chats. The option that companies could in future carry out their customer service via chat, was then discussed. From advertising was no talk yet.

Now it will probably go to the monetization: "TechCrunch" reported in February on the basis of leaked documents that Facebook advertising will introduce in Messenger. Facebook then confirmed the existence of a new URL format: Under fb.com/msg/Firmenname can directly initiate chats with company - theoretically. The chat accounts "Nike" and "Lego" and "Amazon" for example, exist long - and logo. If you try to address them but, so far only comes back an error message.

According to "TechCrunch" the plan is not that companies can each anplappern with advertising in the future who has ever clicked too much "like". The direct approach is to confine the leaked documents According to customers who have themselves already received chat contact with the respective company. That would be something like this when you order the newsletter of a company. For Facebook, this step would be a break with once brazen translucent laws. Yet in 2014 said Mark Zuckerberg in connection with the WhatsApp purchase: "I do not think that advertising is the right method to monetize messaging."

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