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Thursday, October 29, 2015

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Jan Böhmermann is under police protection

The satirist Jan Böhmermann threatened according to the police because of his libelous poem against the Turkish President Erdogan. He canceled his next shipment. With his abusive criticism of Erdogan to Jan Böhmermann appeared in danger and is now under police protection. "It was him brought to the door, a police car," said a spokesperson of the Police Headquarters Cologne Tagesspiegel. Böhmermann lives with his family in the cathedral city. The protection has become necessary because of threats against the satirist, the spokesman said, "We take this seriously and permanently assessing the security situation".

The police spokesman declined to "neither deny nor confirm" that Böhmermann is threatened by supporters of Erdogan, "but it is very likely, if you do so a poem". In security circles also had threats of right-wing Turks, known as the Grey Wolves, the speech. In addition, it was announced that there will be no new edition of Jan Böhmer's satirical program "Neo Magazine Royale" on Thursday. "The production company btf GmbH and Jan Böhmermann have decided not to produce the planned for Thursday next edition of Neo magazine Royale", it says on the Facebook page of the magazine. ZDF confirmed the Tagesspiegel refusal. Reason is the massive coverage and the associated focus on the mission and the moderator, the Production Company and Böhmermann had declared via Facebook and added that the decision was made in coordination with the ZDF. Specific rules of conduct for satire ZDF programs and its digital offshoot did not exist, the sender also explained on request.

In the affair of the Erdogan-poem by Böhmermann "today-show" presenter Oliver Welke attacked the Chancellor sharp. At a "case Böhmermann" that the matter become only when Angela Merkel (CDU) to have be quote, Welke said the "Bild" newspaper. "A big mistake of sorry for her hopefully." Merkel had informed about their government spokesman Steffen Seibert, that they "deliberately hurtful" find Böhmer's libelous poem. Böhmermann had used offensive terms to - as he himself explained - to make the differences between permitted in Germany Satire and forbidden defamatory significantly.

"In the case has only the Chancellor behaved badly," Welke said. "You can not say anything at first for summoning the German ambassador in Ankara after the fall" extra 3 ". And then expressed as a kind of supreme German television critic to Böhmermann - it did not work "!
Click here! Erdogan's sharp protest against a satirical review of NDR television program "Extra 3" was the reason for Böhmer's action.

One and a half weeks after the controversial satire contribution Böhmer's has on Monday for the first time ZDF director Thomas Bellut to the "insulting poem" and the output of the voiced "Neo Magazine Royale". "You did not meet the expectations that we have from the program. I found it a bit too hard, a bit too far gone, "Bellut told Deutsche Presse-Agentur. In the satire program the transmitter but the affair of the comedian and presenter have no influence, clarified the ZDF Director: "I am of course to the satire program, to the presenters and to Mr. Böhmermann also," he said, pleading sure "that a small part of these longer satirical program is not lifted. At the end is a program through which you can judge either way. "

Böhmer's poem contained this phrases that could be considered offensive. ZDF removed this passage from the library. Here there was no pressure from the outside: "That was pure opinion of the program director, that was his opinion that we have taken it from the library," Bellut said. At the mission and the moderator was being held, was informed several times on request.
"Full confidence in the rule of law"

Against the moderator and leaders of the transmitter several ads were placed. "It is up to the prosecutor to investigate this. I have full confidence in the rule of law ", Bellut commented. Meanwhile, Erdogan has also placed a complaint for defamation. The request would be examined in the already pending due to attack on the institutions and representatives of foreign countries, the judicial authority explained further. The federal government had confirmed on Monday that the Turkish Embassy called a note verbale had been received. She explained that the formal request by law enforcement in response to the insulting poem. The federal government has to assess whether to grant the prosecutor authorizing the prosecution. But she wants to take a few days’ time. When ZDF myself have put it after the broadcast about 2,000 mails or calls with complaints.

Of course, Herbert Grönemeyer is pleased with the development in the German pop industry. Finally, like mushrooms out of the ground, all the new faces. You listen to names like bosses, Hauer and Joris and cling firmly on their way into the national pop Olympus at Grönemeyer's heritage. The can be all the enthusiasm a smile not resist. Sure, all make an effort. Everyone is trying his best. Ultimately, however, can still the Bochum Genre veteran in terms of depth and attitude even remotely hold a candle to any of the next-generation Deutschpop.

When Herbert Grönemeyer shares his thoughts and feelings with the public, then pointed half the Republic eavesdroppers. That was back in 1984 as he saluted with his major-label debut "4630 Bochum" for the first time from the peak of the German album charts. "If one is dealing with my lyrics, you can learn more than if you send me afterwards paparazzi," said the singer. There is nothing to add.

Grönemeyer's lyrical mix of precise finger pointing and free Interpretationsfähigem presented the local music scene once overnight upside. Together with his guttural, often tumbling voice to the music and lyrics of the singer as intense burning in the minds of the nation like the regular morning headlines of Germany's largest daily newspapers. But the cast in music genuflection to his fallow hometown was only the beginning. Nine more albums were to follow to this day still. And every single one of them climbed in no time the top of the charts.
Incarnate Light in the Darkness

Herbert Grönemeyer is not only the most commercially successful musicians in Germany. He is much more. He is a thinker and driver, a sound Minister, a doer, a helper and a incarnate light in the dark. Yourself its suction effect on the masses now aware, he uses his status as a voice of the people again and again to stand aside people who have previously denied the sunny side of life.

The trades has the heart in the right place. So easy? Not at all. Major charity checkmark makes Herbert Grönemeyer rare. When he tackles something he wants to be right there on. Just think of the "Band for Africa" ​​project in 1985, its support work within the campaign "Make Poverty History" or the many current integration initiatives, which are closely linked with the name of Herbert Grönemeyer. A few weeks ago, he presented the Berlin LaGeSo-collecting two generously equipped thermal buses for refugees.

Herbert Grönemeyer knows all too well how it feels when one feels like love, security and safety will be torn suddenly underfoot. It was in November 1998 when the singer had to say goodbye to two beloved confidants within five days. His brother William and his wife Anna: both lost the battle against cancer. Since then, the father of two adult children now has a highly sensitized sense of emotions such as helplessness, sadness, helplessness and despair.

As a musician, actor, producer and label owner Grönemeyer mimes has long been the ultimate workaholic. As umsorgender father and happy again lover he swings the family scepter. And when commuting between Berlin, London and everywhere it presents itself as the curious globetrotters of it all and everyone knows, but still cannot get enough. 60 years on earth, of which 40 proud on stage: So the Herbert ticking times now. A phenomenon. In the next 60!

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