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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Check Memory Card and USB Storage Health

Check Memory Card and USB Storage Health
Check Memory Card and USB Storage Health

New Songs 2016 Pakistan Super League 2016 Live Streaming

What is only Sunday afternoon concerts on itself? Among the obvious impression that the public expects it to most beautiful coffee time a special diet, you like like the programs to the declared dead broadcasting Wunschkonzerts. Also, the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin (RSB) is not free from this idea, and so must Arabella Steinbacher, which may present the best part of beauty is omnipresent, this time blissfully bathe on sunny safe shores of Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto. That the audience cheered her well-mannered appearance, is mainly because that will make them all as "one" makes it: properly so. The Agogik "true", the sounds flow clean, the barrels are running perfectly, soft is soft and loud is loud. And her fingers are fast also. That always makes an impression.

Partly it has Steinbacher so not because their interpretation, if one really wants to call it that must be measured on the podium at the Konzerthaus with everything rank and name. The fallacy that puts millions always work, pick you here on the hard bottom of the facts. Who cut off the music every love and zurechthübscht to heal the world of a doll's house, may have had a wonderful afternoon. But then you go just drink coffee from flowered porcelain cups. It is more produced, but only reproduces nothing. Even in the Prokofiev addition fiddles Steinbacher so like, so naive and each covering deprived as a child, so one wonders: What can this music do not have to tell us? And what should already follow from such color and pleasurable Wi murmur without friction?

Jukka-Pekka Saraste at the desk is otherwise satisfied with little and makes the concert with Benjamin Britten interludes "Peter Grimes" and Jean Sibelius' Second a real feel-good afternoon. Even in his best-known symphonies of his Finnish compatriot he rarely tickles something like real passion out, may the completely under called RSB what it's wonderful can: glow, flare, rub, whisper, be passionate. Everything is seen through rose-glass pane. It's so beautiful and so boring that Jukka-Pekka Saraste at least a sense brings about: the sadness that this kind of modesty is obviously deliberate. Political rock has its meaning. But it can also vastly nervous, not only because of his tendency inherent musical crudeness, but also because through clearly formulated messages. But who wants to make a difference, must be concern may just bring them down to mass-compatible slogans. The Chap also are a political band.

At least they claim. Almost every song in their performance in the canteen at Berghain is announced with "this is a political song," or "this is a political rock song", depending on whether Johannes von Weizsäcker, the German singer and guitarist, or Panos Ghikas, the Greek singer and bassist of this pan-European band takes to the mike. Between them sits Keith Duncan on drums, the zerprügelnd, edited it, several sticks so brutal as Sylvester Stallone, the pig halves training boxing in "Rocky". And leftmost pushes Berit Immig keyboard keys and sings oblique second votes harmonies. So could be a normal political rock band. Enough pressure have their songs, their sound at the post punk of the late seventies and its subsequent mutations in all sorts of noise oriented subgenre. But what's really serious? Not only the references to what will be heard next, destroy the illusion of authenticity, and the performance itself, because the band seems permanently installed ironic comment planes. Approximately when the four throw with wide eyes in exaggerated poses - while the music continues from the tape.

Dedication and sweat to the final feedback hurricane

Would it not arouse false comedy associations, one could almost speak of a musical parody. Rather, it is probably as would extremely good actors drive the performance of a political rock band simultaneously on the top and ridicule - and thus reveal the mechanisms of this music. At the same time however, this is fantastic, rousing Politpop how has not heard him since at least the best times of Chumbawamba or even Gang Of Four: played with clever, enigmatic texts, extremely energetic and technically brilliant. With von Weizsäcker as Saitenirrwisch and manic grinning (and thereby to David Byrne of the Talking Heads reminding) slogans shouter, with real devotion, real sweat to the final feedback hurricane - when they again solidify the band sculpture. Ganz toll: The Chap are the European Globetrotter of political rock.

After red-yellow-green to come as a badge color for cars only blue. The environment ministers from federal and state governments have taken unanimously at a special conference on the VW scandal exhaust the "blue badge" on the way. The federal government should establish a legal basis, in 2017 it could go. And then Berlin motorists would be affected. However, Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt told via "Bild" newspaper on Sunday vetoed.

In areas with high air pollution should continue to drive with low nitrogen values ​​only cars. Trigger the special meeting was triggered by VW exhaust scandal has followed as planned manipulated the exhaust gas filter systems of diesel passenger cars and thus made the air dirtier. Petrol with a green sticker to the blue (Euro 6) -badge get automatically. For diesel cars, it looks different. Only the models produced since 2015 usually meet the Euro 6 standard, older diesel. inRead invented by Teads This plaque insanity's just window dressing. Not the cars are the problem, but the industry. But against their emissions, there are certificates that are traded. The motorist is abused only as pawns. The industry on the other hand is spared.

The manipulation of the auto companies have "complicates already difficult compliance with the legally binding air quality limit values ​​for nitrogen dioxide", said the Berlin traffic management. In addition, the environment ministers adopted a "strengthening of the environmental network". Public transport, the use of bicycles and pedestrian traffic should be made more attractive. What that means, remained open. As is known, the most expensive construction project in Berlin is after the BER Airport the extension of Highway 100 to Treptow. The initiative for the blue badge had the second largest German city, Hamburg taken. "In areas of high air pollution cars only allowed to drive with low nitrogen values", said the Hamburg environmental senator. The joined Berlin: "Road traffic, especially diesel vehicles, the main sources of air pollution are".

In what way are the plaques should be used, is open. For gasoline since 2008 is considered the "environmental zone", it includes the interior of the S-Bahn ring. Meanwhile allowed only in low-emission vehicles with a green sticker. is considered that this environmental zone for the blue badge, is likely. According to the annual report 2015 "air pollution in Berlin" the limit value for nitrogen dioxide was exceeded for the annual average on all six road measuring points. This measuring container so are the heavily used roads Hardenberg place Schildhornstraße, Marie Damm, Silbersteinstraße, Frankfurter Allee and Karl-Marx-Strasse, partly outside the LEZ. Environmental groups are calling for stricter limits diesel for years. The EU has also asked Germany to take action. Reacts was only now, after the exhaust gas scandal.

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