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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Best Programming Tools For Your Kids

Best Programming Tools For Your Kids
Best Programming Tools For Your Kids

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The leaders of Germany VW shock clinging to their bonus

The losses for shareholders, bonuses for managers, Volkswagen is moving towards a new crisis on the eve of the announcement of its results. Will they give up their million? Six months after the breakup of the fixing scandal engines, Germany staring at the Volkswagen executives, some of which clearly deflect against the suppression of their juicy bonus. Subject: the variable component of remuneration of the nine members of the Volkswagen board that to erect an example in these lean times, several members of the supervisory board would like to see removed. Volkswagen boss Matthias Müller, one of the beneficiaries, proposed to reduce it by 30%, according to the press.

His predecessor Martin Winterkorn, hastily party last September, has been several years running the highest-paid boss in Germany. In 2014, 13.9 million out of 15.8 million was a bonus. The other board members each received between 4 and 7 million euros variable compensation that year. What will it be for 2015? Theoretically, the leaders would be entitled to a bonus, this being calculated on the basis of the performance over several years. In the current context, it would be wiser to give it considers the regional state of Lower Saxony, shareholder "is acutely aware of the problem of variable bonus."

But interested bristle. A meeting of tightened supervisory board Monday failed to move forward on the issue. "The bonuses are the subject of discussions within the Volkswagen instances," said its outcome the prime minister of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil. Billions of provisions Volkswagen, who admitted last September rigging diesel engines 11 million cars in the world to make them look cleaner than they are in reality, will show for 2015 a loss, probably billions . Blame provisions that society must be to meet the costs of this "dieselgate". These costs cover the up to standard concerned cars and allowances and penalties to forecast in several countries, the extent is not yet known.

The group, which owns 12 brands and 200 billion euros of turnover and publish its annual results on April 28 could also deprive its shareholders dividends, a first since the early 1980. Marcel Fratzscher, President of DIW economist and German view, it is "difficult to understand why shareholders should accept heavy losses, and managers keep their bonuses." The Volkswagen share price has fallen by a third since September.

Mr. Müller warned as early as last year that the employees would have to "tighten their belts, on all levels, from top management to employees." The damage is done The DPA agency Tuesday, members of the Management Board finally consent to a reduction in their bonuses. But in terms of image, the damage is done. "Volkswagen is a frightening example of the distance that exists between managers and the rest of society," said the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, wondering if the Volkswagen boss was "the right person in the right place."

Keep the bonuses would be "a slap" for the 600,000 employees of Volkswagen, criticized the MP for the Left Party (left opposition) Herbert Behrens. Even the Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble has cracked comment Monday evening: "There are discussions about which one does not understand that the applicants do not realize how they are not compatible with certain values. "

The discussion falls even worse than the anxiety wins Volkswagen employees. "We feel that the scandal of diesel engines can be used from behind to make staff cuts, he was not about to just a few months," was moved in a letter addressed to management last week the works council of Volkswagen. In response to these questions, management and works council agreed Monday on a roadmap for negotiations on "the guarantee measures for sites" and a long-term strategy for the VW brand.

The florist that has made the fortune of the Calabrian mafia

Vincenzo Crupi, based in Amsterdam, is suspected by police of concealing drugs in bouquets he sent to the Ndrangheta. The "tulip bulbs." Thus, according to the indictment, the mafia designated drugs, imported from South America and camouflaged for years in shipments of flowers to Italy. Reuters recently published Monday, April 11 a very informative survey, which sheds new light sprawling networks Ndrangheta, famous mafia in southern Italy. Cantor of extortion and kidnappings in the 70s, the organization has diversified into cocaine trafficking in the late twentieth century, before becoming the largest importer in Europe. It would now operates in a dozen countries on five continents.

Two florists Amsterdam fifty years are now accused by the Anti-Mafia Italian judges have allowed the development of this traffic. The first, Vincenzo Crupi, is married to the daughter of Ntoni, real living symbol of Italian crime. The gangster, born in 1902, ruled the Ndrangheta until his assassination in 1975. The second, Vincenzo Macri, who was also 51, is the son of famous godfather. According to Reuters investigations, Crupi would have started his business on the outskirts of Amsterdam in the 1990s, before being joined by his brother in 2002. The latter is so well known for justice: it comes out just to a thirteen year sentence in the US for drug trafficking.
The ideal cover for the Ndrangheta

The two men did not arouse as much suspicion for. Discrete and no bling case - they live in a suburb of Amsterdam and only emerge occasionally in the sides restaurants - both Vincent arrive at work early and leave late. Two businessmen "ordinary" note the police. Crupi conducts business, Macri is responsible for collecting bills. In fact, according to the Italian magistrates, Crupi launched "a flower business because it was the perfect cover for the 'Ndrangheta to allow it to flow of drugs across the seas." Amsterdam is indeed ideally located to receive the schnouf Venezuela and South America, before quietly redirected to Europe. Their true profession is virtually undetectable. Questioned by Reuters, several employees are still struggling today to believe the charges against Crupi, their former boss: "If this is true, then it's better actor Robert De Niro and Al Pacino together. "

In the mid-2000s, the company sends about Crupi trucks per day in Italy. The volume then declined, officials said, but the company continued to send several dumpsters week. One can imagine what this can mean in terms of cocaine weight. In telephone conversations heard by the police, both in Vincent Calabrese dialect and speak in code to refer to future operations. Everyone has their nickname: the "chubby", the "thief," "the elect." Macri has his "pumadoru" from the Italian "pomodoro" which means tomato. After several months of monitoring, the police finally launched a major crackdown. Fifty people were arrested in this case since summer 2014. Vincenzo Crupi asleep in prison where he maintains his innocence. Macri is still actively being sought. For the Italian police, it is one of the biggest blows to the Mafia in recent years.

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