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Friday, October 30, 2015

Automate Your Phone Locking and Unlocking With Pocket Lock

Automate Your Phone Locking and Unlocking With Pocket Lock
Automate Your Phone Locking and Unlocking With Pocket Lock

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The favorite color? Blue. Well, perhaps more black. Hidetaka Miyazaki, the man who has driven millions of players into despair laughs. There is a slight chuckle. Miyazaki does not look like someone who his power is aware of the players and the industry. Rather like the cliché of Protonerds. Thick glasses frame, round face, sparse goatee. And always this little boy smile. Knuffig. The games of his Japanese studio From Software are many, they are not cuddly. "Demon's Souls", "Dark Souls" and "bloodborne", which was published last year, one vision of the sinking. In the action role-playing games, the player controls his hero from the third-person view through ruins. An impression from the game provides our Photogallery - but beware: if you really want nothing at all to know what to expect in the new "Dark Souls", the images route should rather avoid.

The morbid worlds lie in ruins, monsters roam. Defeated they remain souls back to the player. With them, the player strengthens his character - he invested in Level climbs, new weapons and spells. The death of the character in battle, the souls are at the point of his death. The player must be of one of the rare memory points out, again there penetrated to collect them again. But all slain enemies are then returned.

This causes despair, anger and grief. Hardly any other game has managed to narration and game mechanics to entangle as the series of Hidetaka Miyazaki. The cyclical, recurring misery of his game worlds can Miyazaki players experienced at virtual body. He lets them are very small, given the hopelessness of his undertaking - and repeatedly fail. Save the world? Before creatures that are ten times as big as you? Story is also found in the snatches of dialogue of depressives who populate the world. In articles about the player stumbles. In the weapons and the clothes that were long forgotten heroes. And in the fearsome sacral architecture. Immense buildings were crammed with west-religious iconography that makes the player small.

It is early March and Hidetaka Miyazaki sitting on the balcony of St. John's Church in Hamburg-Altona. "I'm not religious, I would like it but," he says. "The ritual, the ceremonies take place in churches or other holy places that" all that fascinates him. Down at the bottom teem dozens players who try between the pews its new game - "Dark Souls 3". From up here they look tiny.

The excitement is great, because the direct predecessor for the first time not he himself had directed it. Prompt the supporters was outraged. The great world design could not keep up. The monsters are monotonous. And "Dark Souls" without Miyazaki was at all inconceivable. Now he has taken control again. This third part is now to be the conclusion of the series, says Miyazaki, "the grand finale". My hands are shaking. I try to roll a cigarette. It takes a long time until I succeed. The adrenaline is still too large. For three hours I walked the same path. Always back up the stairs, down the hall, toward the wall of fog.

For the mist behind lurks the dancers, with impossible limbs and two blades. A burning. One that spewed ashes and darkness. He moves as if he would wade through water, graceful and deadly. He's my nightmare. I learn every step by heart, so we can dance together - and so he finally burns under my blows. A month has passed since the interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki. His grand finale is there. The fighting against the atrocities of the medieval Kingdom Lothric ask me everything. "Dark Souls 3" is an amalgam of the best elements of the series.

Based on a giant throne room, the Fire Link Shrine, I explore huge areas like in "Demon's Souls" that they all are connected as in "Dark Souls". The fights are now as fast and dynamic as in "bloodborne" - and punish but every mistake.

One slip meant death

"I'm not very anxious," Miyazaki said. "But I'm interested, what are people getting scared. That makes me curious and I'm trying to explore." One slip on gamepad and my hero stumbles into the depths. Or he is poisoned. Or impaled. From one of the standard opponents. Some of them I cannot look, because then the life bar of my character gets smaller and smaller. In any other game they would pass as a final boss. Here stands behind every corner one of them.

And the raid bosses themselves: In order not to restrict his team, Hidetaka Miyazaki hardly used visual reference. Instead, he communicates his ideas only with memo notes. The outcome was glittering armor pigs, a walking tree, and house high and toxic. Blind Dragon, giant kings and chimeras. The world they inhabit, belongs despite occasional blurring and jerkiness of the most beautiful, has to offer the medium of video game. It is structured differently than the acclaimed first part. "Dark Souls" was a game the vertical, number three is one of the horizontal. The virtual Y-axis on which the player screwed up only to dizzying heights and then plunged into the depths, now follows an incredible length. From almost any point of the game world is a look at the castle, around which fortresses, forests, dungeons and swamps extend. At some point you will need to go there. A cliché princesses waiting there but certainly not - and no World Rescue.

Despite new construction can be found on every corner of the game world hints and allusions to the acclaimed first part. Surrounded by destruction and misery there are moments of recognition, perhaps even hoping? It is obvious that Hidetaka Miyazaki his fans sends goodbye of "Dark Souls" a postcard of love from the Apocalypse. "I do not think the world really goes sometime," Miyazaki told and grinned me again like a little boy. "Their lives the apocalypse but a sadness and at the same time beauty held. Maybe I organize therefore also this digital Armageddon. Because I long secretly afterwards." Some men just want to watch the world burn. Nowhere have they carbonized as beautiful and mysterious as in Miyazaki.

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