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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Apple iPhone 6 VS Apple iPhone 6s Urdu Review

Apple iPhone 6 VS Apple iPhone 6s Urdu Review
Apple iPhone 6 VS Apple iPhone 6s Urdu Review

New Songs 2016 Pakistan Super League 2016 Live Streaming

Abundant unspectacular as the 1. FC Union Berlin introduced a new coach Jens Keller into office. But that fits so well with the man who finally will bring the Bundesliga to Koepenick. Unexcited, he was a realist, it is about Keller. Exactly he could be in Berlin for the benefit. Keller be trusted, that he has enough pragmatism to adapt to the conditions of the second division, where the physical component of the game is still pronounced and does not always win the team that has the best tactical approach or the most sophisticated match plan. As a player, he was able to convince them at the beginning and end of his career. From cellar term it will depend on how quickly he adapts - he will not dictate the conditions, but the players with their skills.

For Unions managers the difficulty after the failed collaboration with Sascha Lewandowski was to find someone with a similar Vita, but works quite differently. Keller as Lewandowski never trained in the second division, but worked in the highest spheres of the Bundesliga. Since differences in the daily work with the players are just normal. He celebrated his greatest successes as a youth coach and can show only two stations as the person responsible in professional football. If we succeed cellar, similar to court tailor to get the most out of the squad, without overloading the players with his ideas, could succeed at the end Historical.

Lutz Munak had just left the cabin, there already started the whispering. Shortly before the Managing Sport had informed the players of 1. FC Union Berlin that Jens Keller will from next season the new coach of second division. The news came without warning, surprising and immediately causing even a talking point among players, ever exchanging the the subsequent Waldlauf their thoughts on the new.

Keller so. The 45-year-old football coach was 04 responsible for the FC Schalke 2012-2014 and will now lead in the Bundesliga Union. For this was fitted with a contract until 30 June 2018th "About objective perspective to advance into the top 20 in German football, there is agreement. Also the fact that this goal is an enormous challenge for the entire team is "Munak announced via press release. Keller himself was not present on Monday, he is not expected before the start of training in mid-June in Berlin. Also it only was quoted: "I meet here at 1. FC Union Berlin on excellent conditions. The expectation of the association of my work has been formulated clearly and precisely that was my desire. "

All this seemed very unspectacular, almost modest compared to the idea of ​​Sascha Lewandowski last September. The had been introduced as part of a public notice in the office, in front of television cameras and reporters. Flashes for Köpenicker conditions. At Lewandowski commitment the association had linked the legitimate hope to be the future for top team of the second division and promptly to provide also the first promotion to the Bundesliga. But Lewandowski came in Berlin and in the second division to never, the league introduced him to unprecedented problems. His requirements and the skills of the players were out of proportion to each other, leading to frustration on both sides. Eventually ended Lewandowski health commitment at 1. FC Union. He was diagnosed with burnout, early March gave the club the separation known.

Assistant coach André Hofschneider brings since the season ended. Very tidy even Union has now moved up to seventh place, but Hofschneider came as a longer term solution never questioned because it lacks the necessary license to a football coach. The he wants to make up from the fall, which is also a reason that his employment at 1. FC Union ends for now. Jens Keller also brings in person by Henrik Pedersen with a private assistant coach, Unions current assistant Sebastian Bönig will continue in the same capacity and share the tasks with Pedersen. Keller is considered one that can tackle players on a psychological level. His great strengths is the response in the cabin. Clear, concise, motivational was the, they say. Young players like Benedikt Höwedes and Julian Draxler succeeded under his leadership the final breakthrough. His training methods are described as down to earth without being completely stale.

Outwardly Keller looked too brittle for the agitated environment in Gelsenkirchen

The FC Schalke he led twice in the international competitions in his first season he was fourth in his second third. Nevertheless, Keller was always in the criticism against its internal perception he seemed brittle little eloquent and at the end also to thin-skinned to the outside in order to survive in one of the most excited locations the Bundesliga can. When FC Schalke expectations are always high, even if the quality of the squad is not always entitled to. Von Keller was at that time expected the team to the German championship permitting.

A class deep cellar have to deal with similar claims at 1. FC Union Berlin now. He is, after all, write club history and be the first coach to lead the eternal outsider from the south-east Berlin in the Bundesliga. RB Leipzig is continuing to climb course direction Bundesliga. On Monday, the Saxons moved by the 3: 1 (1: 1) win over Fortuna Dusseldorf on points with second-division leaders SC Freiburg equal. At the end of the 29th matchday Leipzig could thus extend its lead to 1. FC Nürnberg and relegation place three to six points. A crowd of 25,474 in Dusseldorf scored Yussuf Poulsen (45 + 1 / 73rd minute) and Davie Selke (48) the gates for the ninth away win of Leipzig this season. The Fortuna missed the opportunity, the distance to the relegation zone to further increase and remains in 15th place in the table. Oliver Fink (15) first met the Düsseldorf leadership.

Leipzig, where Massimo Bruno had moved in for the injured Rani Khedira into the grid, set the technically better team, were long but on offense to harmless and usually rendered defensive error. A shot from Sercan Sararer (2) could still steer the bar RB-keeper Peter Gulacsi, but fifteen minutes later Fink recycled submitting Sararer to 1: 0th, The Fortuna was then dangerous. However, a header Fink (22) could Gulacsi parry. Leipzig was undaunted, found his rhythm, be developed scoring chances and came just before the break by Poulsen Lupfer to compensate. In the second section RB got off to a strong start and turned the match final. The just substitute Selke marked cross from Poulsen, the 2: 1 for the Saxons. Then controlled the match Leipzig, Poulsen hit the final score.

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